Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If By Chance

If by chance i die tomorrow some who know of me might say
In life he may not have been successful but he enjoyed a good laugh every day
One more atheist now with Satan condemned to eternal hell
Though there he may not be unhappy penning reams of doggerel
There are far worse people than him though he could have done  better in his life
Known to be a peaceful person one  who never beat his wife
Yet he was quite unambitious and  he wasted too much time
Daydreaming he would be famous whilst penning reams  of doggerel rhyme
Yet despite his many failings in some of his ways he was not small
In his words he  never put down others and believed on a fair go for all
But his soul is not in heaven since in God's existence he did not believe
With the damned he is forever what we deserve we receive
Yet if he has with him pen and notebook he will not be unhappy in hell
For he finds pleasure and enjoyment in penning reams of doggerel.

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