Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joe In His Nineties

Old Joe in his early nineties with gray hair on his balding head
Is ten times a great grand dad Jane his wife is long dead
He was in his life's prime more than sixty years ago
But you never hear him say time  has become his  foe

He goes for a five kilometer walk in the  park every day
In his  fight against aging and physical decay
He does not look like one who is ninety three
At least anyway this is how he seems to me

Quite a nice old fellow he seems  free of guile
He always greets people with a toothy smile
He has the mobility of  far younger man
And he looks quite fit and healthy for one who has lived for more than a nine decade time span

Six decades of years at least past his life's prime
Old Joe seems unfazed by the  passing of time
You are as young as you feel you are as some like to say
With Joe in his  nineties it does seem this way.

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