Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maura Buckley

One of the most beautiful in the Parish in her life's prime
This is going back maybe four decades in time
Yet for one of great beauty down to earth and a nice person to meet
Maura Buckley of Ballyvouskil near the Town of Millstreet
So sad to learn from life she has passed away
That in the old cemetery at Drishane her last remains lay
I remember her as a dark haired beauty lovely to behold
She died perhaps in her early to mid seventies people quickly age and grow old
On looking back the Seasons one realizes how quickly time has gone
Whilst life all around us as usual goes on
But memories of what used to be with us remain
And in fancy i see Maura Buckley again
Walking in Millstreet Town many decades ago
Long before time it did become her foe.

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