Friday, September 13, 2013

Memories Of The Irish Travelers

From village to town in their Romany horse drawn vans
They traveled on the by roads the Irish traveling clans
People who were not restricted by borders or range
But the late nineteen fifties to their way of life brought great change

In my boyhood years the Irish Travelers were widely known
And one can say of them they have ways of their  own
Traveling tinsmiths by trade and at fairs horses by them bought and sold
And of them many stories and poems written and told

Though since the nineteen fifties their ways of life has changed in many a way
That they are great musicians and singers of them seems fair to say
Around their camp fires at night i recall as a boy
Their sessions of music and song a memory to enjoy

Their life and travels in their Romany horse drawn vans now a thing of the past
And few things in life ever do seem to last
But in fancy i hear them playing music and singing again
At their by roadside camp fires at night in the drizzling rain.

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