Friday, September 27, 2013


Every-time Cherie or Jason takes him for a walk
To other people with dogs they cannot stop to talk
Since Myles with other dogs does like to fight
Some heelers in a good  scrap do take delight

But towards people Myles the blue heeler towards aggression uninclined
Since he is one  who does love human kind
As far as humans go Myles wants to be everybody's friend
And dogs as we know do not know how to pretend

At thirteen years old Myles long past his canine prime
But he is one who seems unfazed by time
For one of his age on his feet he is quick
And he does run fast to fetch the thrown ball or stick

Cherie or Jason always walks him on a lead when on the street
For Myles wants to fight with every dogs he does meet
But he greets humans in a friendly way
At everyone he wags his tail as if to say good day.

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