Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of What Used To Be

With a wife and two young children he is in the big city for the long stay
The young man from the town by the hill far away
Though he sometimes thinks of his games with the home-town football club
And the enjoyable nights at the weekend with his mates at the pub
Though only in his mid twenties and in his prime day
Football is a thing he no longer does play
He has to work to support his wife and young family
A baby year old daughter and a son of three
And since he is one who takes his responsibilities in life seriously
He does not play football as he does not want to miss work through injury
He fancies he can hear the gray butcher-bird sing
In the park of his hometown in the early days of the Spring
But only the memories with him does remain
Of what used to be but will not be again.

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