Monday, September 9, 2013

So Many Sad To Say

So many sad to say too many do know of the struggles of life
Of poverty, homelessness and depression and  worries born of inner strife
The victims of war, droughts and famines and the victims of bad circumstance
The people cruelly referred to by the judgmental as life's losers of a fair go deprived of the chance.

From war and terrorism and the suffering and death they do bring from war torn cities far away
Poor people are fleeing in their thousands to the refugee camps every day
The innocent victims of war lords in fear of their lives flee to elsewhere
But few of them ever find a welcome in the bigger World out there

Even in so called wealthy Nations that are war free poverty's ghost does abound
In the poor suburbs of the big cities the homeless not hard to be found
Where the children of poor and dysfunctional parents become homeless at a  young age
And die young in their late teens or early twenties as the victims of violent fueled rage

So many far too many people in their lives are doing it tough
The homeless for whatever reason go hungry and have to live rough
In a World where many are so poor no such a thing as a fair go for all
Compared to them i am so lucky and my biggest worry does seem small.

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