Monday, September 30, 2013

Something I Can Understand

Why asylum seekers risk their lives and some of them drown in sinking boats trying to reach Australia is something i can understand
For it truly is the Country of opportunity this wonderful southern land
Of beautiful coastal cities and wide open spaces the home of the emu and roo
Of wombat, wallaby and koala and  many species of rosella, lorikeet and cockatoo

But refugees who have fled persecution the Stateless from Lands far away
Are not made welcome by the Australian Government and this does seem a sad thing to say
They are sent to Nauru and Manus Island to be confined in limbo for years
Their journey in unseaworthy boats to Australia does end for them sadly in tears

Some compassionate people do live in Australia but like everywhere else they are in minority
But the Government are only interested on the votes of the majority
And the majority of Australian voters are known to be  anti boat refugees
In Australia as in any other Country racism does come in varying degrees

In Australia the great southern Country career opportunity is rife
People from war zones and drought affected areas of the World for to reach there do gamble with life
To find in Australia welcome does not await them who would wish to be a refugee?
For the victims of bad circumstances how sad indeed life it must be.

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