Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stop The Boats

We will stop the boats says Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott but the Indonesian Government with them does not agree
They say asylum seekers on our Islands to leave are completely free
And if the Australian Navy turn back boats carrying asylum seekers these boats we will not allow to land
We hope Tony and Scott will heed our message and the Australian Government will understand

That Indonesia to Australia is not subservient this game of 'Stop The Boats' with them we will not play
The Australian Government  will never tell us what we should do since we do things  in our own way
Boats taking asylum seekers from Indonesia only allowed back empty to our shore
If the Australian Government stop the refugee boats we have a  surprise for them in store

Since he became Prime Minister of Australia 'we will stop the boats' Tony Abbott has no longer need to say
In his case negativity did surely seem to pay
He instilled in the majority of Australian voters the need of poor and Stateless people for to fear
From him in opposition only negativity we did hear

We will stop the boats said Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison most politicians come to power by lies
But that the  refugee boats in Australia keep arriving does not come as a surprise
The 'Stop The Boats Game' the Indonesians will not play with them the Liberal-Nationals now aware
But they are now in power for three years and this is all they care.

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