Friday, September 20, 2013

The Peddlers Of Fear

From many politicians economic gloom and the threat of terrorism is all we do hear
Why do we vote into parliament the peddlers of fear?
For the  fear mongering kind  on election day we cast our vote
And ignore the politicians that peace does  promote
The peddlers of fear create us against they
And of any hope of peace in the World they stand in the way
The politics of fear is such a negative thing
In the Land of the  blind the one eyed man is  the king
In the abattoir the Judas sheep leads it's kin up the slaughter ramp to their deaths every day
But unlike political leaders  the leader sheep unaware it's kin it does betray
Our political leaders for sake of power us do deceive
But bigger fools we are them for to believe
They send their men for to fight for them to Countries afar
And they tell us who our friends and who our enemies are.

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