Monday, September 30, 2013

The Song Of A Goldfinch

The song of a goldfinch in thought sends me far away
To the northern groves in the prime of the May
The beautiful birds with the twittering song
By sight or by sound one could never get wrong
Mostly fawn and gray and dark brown and wing tips of gold
And red band on forehead above pointy bill birds lovely to behold
Their open cup shaped nest placed on outer fork of high branch of tree where the female bird lay
Four to five bluish freckled eggs by leaves from view hidden away
Whenever i hear or see them in memory i go back in time
To the  green countryside where i penned my first rhyme
And this is going back many Seasons ago
Long before time it did become my foe
And though time  does tick on the happy memories remain
And the goldfinches are singing in my mind again.

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