Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Is How It Is For Many

The child born to a homeless mother in life has been born to lose
And to begin life as a pauper anyone would never choose
But thousands of children are born into poverty in the World every day
Without any hope for a good future this does seem so sad to say
Many people famed and wealthy by their birth circumstance
Those born to very poor parents of success in life have little chance
How circumstance of birth defines a person's future does not seem hard to explain
The one born to disadvantage as disadvantaged does remain
The homeless kids of the poor suburb are born to battle the odds
Destined to live poor and hungry as the children of the lesser gods
The children of very wealthy parents are very lucky indeed
They have only themselves for to blame if in life they don't succeed
But little chance for fame and success for one  born in poverty
This is how it is for many and how it will always be.

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