Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tony Abbott He Will Save Us

In Australia political change all for the better by the Murdoch media we are told
The Liberal-National Government will take  us back to the nineteen fifties to the happy days of old
When all Aussies they were well off no such a  thing as poverty
We are heading for the good times  happy days for you and me

Tony Abbott he will save us from the boat refugees
And he will cut back on carbon emissions and reduce global warming by one point five degrees
By giving farmers grants in money for planting millions of trees
Though those allergic to pollen in the  Spring will cough and sneeze

The billionaire miners who had been panicking since they had to pay a little tax
The mining tax will be abolished they can now smile and relax
Tony Abbott he will save them he is their hero of  the day
For the  hero of the wealthy let us  hear the loud hooray

That taxes have to come from somewhere truer words have not been said
Since the Australian Liberal-National Government does not want to tax the wealthy they will tax the poor instead
Of the working poor and those on welfare poor and hungry years ahead
With a right wing Coalition Government in office hope for the  have  nots seems dead

Gays in Australia not allowed to marry though they can have sex at home
For his moral inspiration Tony Abbott looks to Rome
But for a known to be a devout christian Tony in his ways seem strange
He believes on punishing boat people and he does not believe on climate change

Since he expects the  Australian pay as you earn workers of taxes to pay the big share
Tony Abbott is a hero to every multi billionaire
He believes on a fair go for the privileged but not on a fair go for all
Yet the one who is a hero to many in his thinking does seem small.

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