Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Sad World For Many

We hear and read of murder and mayhem in the news media every day
For God and for borders in Lands far away
For religious and racial and cultural difference there is hell to pay
A sad World to live in is all one can say

And those made to suffer are the poor and downtrod
The people who must belong to the lesser God
War condemns poor people into extreme poverty
There is such a dark side to humanity

War the angry relative of nationalism and racism and patriotic pride
And the people convinced that they have God on their side
To the refugee camps of the World war victims in their thousands do flee
For them a sad World to live in would you not agree

To be poor and oppressed should never be anyone's due
And that the wealthy never suffers in war only seems to be true
The white flower of peace has gone into decay
Where anger and bitterness is rife left to wither away

A sad World for many to live in indeed
Of more rational and fair minded people the Human World is in need
For humanity it has been another bad year
In Countries where the poor and oppressed for their lives do live in fear.

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