Saturday, December 7, 2013

Compare Him To Old Jimmy The Rover

Ten years from his prime physically fit and healthy yet he felt he would be better off dead
He stole a gun from a near neighbor and put a bullet in his head
A young bloke fifteen years on his last birthday he felt quite depressed in the mind
Yet he was a very nice person and in his ways generous and kind

He did not do well in school exams which to him was a whole pile of stress
And victimization by the town's teenage bullies had him under a lot of duress
His young mind was clouded in fear created darkness of despair brought on by self doubt
He felt to seek professional help for his worries would be showing weakness so suicide for him seemed the best way out

Of the unhappiness that did engulf him that he felt he must bring to an end
It can be such a hard World to live in when you feel you do not have a friend
His father and his mother heartbroken his sister and his girl friend in tears
He lay in his grave in the town cemetery a decade short of his best physical years

Compare him to old Jimmy the Rover one of the oldest people of the town
A pensioner in his mid eighties and nothing in life gets him down
He has never had a wife or children and he does not seem to have a care
A happy at all times old fellow but then people like him are rare

The teenager in the town cemetery will not have to worry again
But for his nearest and dearest for years the grief of loss with them will remain
Compare him to old Jimmy the Rover who revels in the barroom cheer
On Saturday evening at the local enjoying his schooner of beer.

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