Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Duhallow's Yarn Spinners

On Winter nights around the fireplace when i was young
Old stories were told and old ballads were sung
By aging men who were well beyond their physical prime
They related their memories of a long gone time

Of the war of independence and Duhallow's brave fighting men
The heroes of the ambush of Tureengarriffe Glen
The war of independence followed by the civil war
That left in poor Ireland a deep mental scar

They told of Duhallow's long deceased sporting greats now in the hall of fame
Their legends live on so many one could name
They were Ireland's best a century ago
But eventually time becomes everyone's foe

Of miracles in Duhallow they had many to tell
Such as those that did occur at Tubrid's Holy Well
Where crippled people who came to do the rounds and pray
Without their crutches from there walked away

They told us stories of Duhallow house hauntings that filled us with fear
And of loud screams in the night that were frightening to hear
Though some of their stories fictitious good tales by them told
They did spin good yarns those yarn spinners of old

In the trees the cold winds of Winter did sough in the night
Whilst indoors the peat from Gneeves glowed warm and bright
Where the old story tellers their stories did tell
Of war and sports heroes and house hauntings and miracles at Tubrid Well.

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