Monday, December 23, 2013

Go Sing It Again Eugene Brosnan

Go sing it again Eugene Brosnan i sure do love his solstice song
By him so well rendered and so well written up there with the best he belong
In Millstreet an old Town in Duhallow where he grew into a young man
The lust of the wander was in him and from there the journey to fame for him began

Eugene is a well traveled fellow one who does have fans Worldwide
That he is a talented musician and singer songwriter of him cannot be denied
He has traveled all over Europe and sung in venues in many a city and town
Success in life does not come easy it is a hard climb to renown

Far beyond the borders of Duhallow Eugene is famous and well known
He is not one who sings many covers most of the songs he does sing are his own
In Millstreet there may not be one again quite like him since entertainers like him are quite rare
In his genre he has been quite successful and with the best he does compare

He has the gifts of song and music one who has brought to so many joy
Far beyond the borders of Duhallow and Millstreet where he lived as a boy
Go sing it again Eugene Brosnan from Murphy's Terrace he has traveled far
He has progressed to playing in the big venues from the local club and public bar.

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