Monday, December 30, 2013

I Have Written The Rhymes

I have written the rhymes of the far away hills
And the streams and the creeks and the rippiling rills
That flow to the river bound for the ocean shore
Nature is eternal and is forever more

I have written the rhymes of people i have known
Dear friends of the past i could never disown
And i have written of Nature the animals, birds and bees
And the grass and the flowers and the bushes and trees

I have written the rhymes that are not hard to write
That are easy to understand memorize and recite
It must be my addiction for i rhyme every day
With rhyme words i am one who does like to play

I have been penning stuff for four decades of years
The rhymes that are born of laughter and tears
If i said i did not enjoy doing it this would be a lie
And i hope to be doing it till the day i do die

I have written the rhymes of the woodland and lake
Of birdsong in the fields at evening and daybreak
And though my best years in life to the forever gone
I do enjoy rhyming and i hope to rhyme on.

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