Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In Queensland

In the cool of the evening just before sundown
The pied butcher birds are singing in the southern Queensland town
Where people from the beach through the park walk home in their swimwear
From early Spring to late Autumn wet and cool days in south Queensland to say the least are rare

Further north in the Queensland tropics where sun lovers abound
The mosquitoes are abundant and it is warm all year round
Where the temperatures in Summer can soar to forty degrees
Though it cools down in the evening in the freshening coastal breeze

Where the weather is often sunny and warm and the sky most days is clear
One does not read or hear of snow in Queensland at any time of year
But where there are many biting insects and dangerous creatures are not few
To say it is far from an Earthly Utopia is not saying anything that is new

In the Queensland sub tropics and tropics in every coastal city and town
The birds sing in the park-lands just before sundown
And people in their swimwear bronzed from sunshine by the sea
Walk home through the parkland for to have their evening tea.

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