Monday, December 16, 2013

It Is All To His Due

In his younger years he used to daydream of football renown
The hard working man of the old rural town
And though he was voted the best player on ground on a long gone regional grand final day
For a far greater honor than that he was hoping for to play

Five times a grandfather he lives with his local born and raised wife
They have lived together for thirty two of his fifty seven years of life
Working for a concreting company he works hard for his every pay
His hair that was light brown twenty five years ago is now silver gray

To say that those who do not realize their life's dream are not in the few
To anyone would not be anything new
There are millions of them to be found everywhere
In every city and village and town in the big World out there

To wish to be famous and wealthy is not an unnatural thing
But the praises of the renowned few the majority are left to sing
He yearned to be a great A F L footballer but it is all to his due
That he can accept without regret that his dream for him did not come true.

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