Sunday, December 29, 2013

It Is Cold Today In Duhallow

In the gray fogs of rain Clara hidden away
It is cold in the fields west of Millstreet today
The streams bank high to the river in brown flood waters flow
And the cold wind is soughing in the naked hedgerow

In late December in Duhallow at the end of the old year
The chirping of the migratory redwings in the bare groves one does hear
Close to the coldest time of Winter many weeks from the Spring
When the grass will commence growing and the nesting birds will sing

And the cattle out of wintering sheds on months of living on silage and hay
On the nutritious grass of April will gain weight by the day
And the hawthorns in their pinkish buds that will bloom white to gray
When Nature is at her finest in the  time of bloom in May

It is cold today in Duhallow just west of Millstreet Town
And the streams to the rivers flowing bank high in flood waters of brown
On the cold and wet days after Christmas another year almost gone
Just a few sleeps before New Year and the clock is ticking on.

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