Thursday, December 5, 2013

Margaret O' Regan

On remembering Margaret O'Regan what does come to mind
A very nice person down to earth and kind
In Millstreet Town she first looked on the light of day
And in Millstreet Town at the West End her last remains lay
Of Margaret only nice things one could ever say
She was always so helpful in her own nice way
In Millstreet Town in the flesh never more to be seen
But in all who knew her good memories of her will remain evergreen
One who had seen the birth of many a new year
But the news of the passing of a good person always sad to read of or hear
One never more to be seen again on the Main Street
But she will be remembered when her old Millstreet friends meet
And talk of the past in the decades long gone
Whilst on all of our lives time does keep ticking on.

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