Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not Easy To Satisfy

Three months ago the then Government by the voters were voted out
Of their dissatisfaction with them they did not leave them in doubt
But going by the latest opinion polls the newly elected Government have nothing to celebrate
If an election were held tomorrow of their predecessors theirs would be the same fate
That the electorate of their Government quickly grow dissatisfied
In the early years of the twenty first century cannot be denied
The political party that was very popular three months ago most unpopular today
That people are not easy to satisfy it does seem this way 
The present Government have almost three years of their contract with the people for to run
But now they realize that Governing the Country is not much fun
The majority of the voters now sorry to power they voted them in
Nowadays in politics the trust of the majority is becoming harder to win
It is a fact of life and fact one cannot deny
That people are not easy to satisfy.

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