Friday, December 6, 2013

On The passing Of Nelson Mandela

For South Africa and South African people surely a very sad day
The great humanitarian and political leader from life has passed away
A political prisoner on Robin Island for many years
In South Africa their first democratically elected President they will farewell with honor and tears
With honor he died and with honor he did live
Those who had wrongfully imprisoned him he was willing to forgive
On Becoming President revenge against those who imprisoned him he never sought
A new respect Worldwide for South Africa President Mandela brought
In the life of Mandela a lesson for us all
That great people in their thinking are never narrow or small
The breath of life from his mortal body may have gone
But the legacy in his life he created destined to live on
For as long as human beings in the World do live
Hope to poor and oppressed people Nelson Mandela did give.

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