Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Worldwide politicians do seem much the same
The government blames the opposition the opposition the government does blame
For bad policies in the now and bad policies in the past
It looks like the blame game in politics forever will last

Politicians do look at life in a negative way
About members of opposite parties they seldom have kind things to say
Their views seldom impartial in politics the negative thrive
An honest person in politics would find it hard to survive

Ambiguous in their words and would you not agree
That most politicians are not known for their honesty
Yes honest politicians to say the least rare
Of lies most of them have told their own share

Parliamentarians often described as the honorable members though few of them honorable or just
Most politicians are not the type one ought to trust
Many of them ambiguous in their words few of them mean what they say
Suppose to survive in politics they have to be this way.

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