Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That Poverty Can Be Relative

You do always find some reason for to complain
Yet you have never known the feeling of hunger pain
And you have never been homeless as many poor people are
Where real poverty is one does not need to walk far

And poverty does come in varying degrees
In a World of millions of refugees
By drought and by war from their home regions displaced
Far greater challenges in life than you have these poor people have faced

Yes poverty is relative as we all know too well
Of your own hard life you only have stories to tell
But compared to the hardship endured by many in life you are doing okay
Though obviously you do not see it this way

The hard life you think you have in your own mind you only create
But then self centered people to self only relate
A homeless poor person with your sort of lifestyle would be well satisfied
That poverty is relative cannot be denied

You have never experienced real poverty yet in your mind
You have formed the opinion that life to you is unkind
Though to find worse off than you one would not need to walk far
But having this said suppose we are what we are.

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