Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Better Man Than Me

A good side to everyone he only seems to see
I like him for his non judgmental ways the better man than me
I have never heard him in his words put anybody down
A credit to his neighborhood and to his side of the town
A quietly spoken gentleman never has that much to say
One that i do see often though not every day
He lives a quiet sort of a life to many he is not known
And he does not seem to have a tribe he is always on his own
He once told me he is two times a grandfather his wife of forty years died three years ago
That she was the soul mate of his life and he does miss her so
One who has loved Mother Nature since he was a young boy
Watching and studying the ways of birds is something he does enjoy
A darker side to anyone he never seems to see
I only can look up to him the better man than me.

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