Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Old Barwon River

Generations of people to life have come to and from life have gone
But the old Barwon waters to the ocean flows on
The river that has inspired song, story and rhyme
That has flowed to the Pacific through the centuries of time

Long before it was given the Barwon it's given name
And centuries before the first people to Australia came
And centuries before the Town was built that is known as Barwon Heads today
The river to the ocean slowly flowed on it's way

On through Barwon Heads to the Pacific shore
The Barwon does flow and will forever more
As it nears saltwater deep, dark and slow
Devoid of a babble it silently does flow

On through Barwon Heads by night and by day
The river to the Pacific silently flows on it's way
For as long as the southern winds have been blowing
The old Barwon River to the sea has been flowing.

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