Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Only Happens To Be True

The one who deliberately you does offend
Is one who will never become your friend
Not that as a friend you ever would wish him or her for to be
Friendship not built on insult would you not agree
Friendships built on mutual dislike does never begin for to end
This is how it was and is and it always will be why otherwise pretend
It is hard to like one who deliberately offends you and to you never apologize
The hurt of hurt feelings can linger for longer than some realize
If you treat a person with respect in turn from them respect you will receive
And to receive in life one has to give on such i for one does believe
The one who deliberately offends you is not one with whom you will socialize
In saying you never again trust this person should not come as any surprise
The one you thought was a friend in truth never a friend to you
In life such things do happen and this only happens to be true.

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