Friday, May 31, 2013

That Some Take Human Life Cheaply

Moses Fifth Commandment some do not choose to obey
Since human beings are being murdered by their own kind every day
At the hands of their own kind dying in the foulest way
That some do take human life cheaply does seem sad to say
Some have what is known as darkness of the mind
They do not have it in them to be compassionate and kind
They take human life as if it were cheap
And at their crime never do lose any sleep
Some people do not believe in live and let live
Their crime of premeditated  murder a hard one to forgive
The gift of empathy such people do lack
A life from once taken cannot be given back
Bad things are happening in the Human World every day
People are losing their lives in the foulest way.

It Is Nice To Be nice

On the way we treat others we do have a choice
In the words of the wise one it is nice to be nice
A smile and a cheerful hello does not cost one a thing
And a moment of happiness to someone does bring
It is nice to be nice with those words i agree
As i do like the people who are nice to me
A cheerful hello and how are you are not hard words to say
They may help to bring joy to somebody's day
To somebody who is feeling a bit down
You meet whilst walking on a side street of the town
A friendly hello and how are you a moment of joy to that person may bring
To be nice to a stranger does not cost you a thing
On the way we treat others we do have a choice
And like it is said it is nice to be nice.

At The Ambassador Hotel

It has been forty five years since the great man fell
Under a hail of gunfire at the Ambassador Hotel
In a black day for California and the U S of A
For centuries of post bodily death fame the price can be huge to pay

Though an assassin by decades shortened his life span
Robert Francis Kennedy he was a great man
The great hope of America taken in a foul way
That he deserved better than this seems a fair thing to say

The news of his shooting and subsequent death was broadcast Worldwide
A sad day for America the day that he died
He seemed destined to be President but it was not meant to be
To fall under gunfire at the Ambassador Hotel became his destiny

The only politician i ever heard to quote
The wisdom of the Greek philosophers and the words of many a great poet
He had knowledge and wisdom  a combination to make one great
And his life was a life worthy to celebrate

One cannot change the past it has been and gone
And life in the World as usual goes on
But in centuries from now the father to his children will tell
The life story of the great man who was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Since In Four Decades Of Rhyming

Since in four decades of rhyming reams of rhymes i have written
By the doggerel bug i must have been bitten
Even before my decaying flesh in my grave will be rotten
The rhymes i have written like me will be forgotten

Few words ever spoken have ever been truer
Than the wise one who said true poets have never been fewer
Yet the word poet to describe themselves is used by many
Though a true poet as such i have never met any

I never had pretentions to be a social climber
And words best to describe me an old fashioned rhymer
I love to pen rhymes in my times of leisure
Not for fame or money but only for pleasure

My destiny in life like all olthers i follow
One of the last old rhyming men of Duhallow
The stuff i do pen may be long out of fashion
But i do write on and i rhyme with a passion.

John Tarrant

Sadly missed by his family and his many friends and especially by Eileen his lovely wife
John Tarrant was a man who did love life
It can be truly said of him he was a good man
And he did make the very most of his life span

A hard working, likeable honest and generous man his life story ought to be told
He died in his mid sixties did not live to grow old
In Gortavehy near Ballydaly in Duhallow his life journey began
Where he lived as a boy and grew into a man

In Australia he met and married Eileen Smith from Keady his true love and soul mate
Compatible in every way together they were great
They came home to live in Ireland but lady luck not on his side
In Kinsalebeg he developed cancer and despite his hard battle for life he died

A good friend to many he was compassionate and kind
Any flaw in John Tarrant would be hard to find
In life he performed his good deeds every day
And to help others always willing to go out of his way.

Young Tim

It is not of fans or followers one of does read
But of the people who are born to lead
And young Tim does not lead or the praises of others does not sing
A carefree chap he just does his own thing

Though he enjoys a few beers in the local pub
One who is never seen at the football club
For he does not like sports including football
And such things do not interest him at all

One might say of him he has a mind of his own
And as a group type of person he will never be known
But a character in his own sort of a way
He is his own man as some of his sort like to say

A tall and handsome dark haired man of twenty three
Of any cares he does seem quite carefree
One who thoroughly enjoys doing his own thing
And he likes nothing better than the no strings attached sexual fling.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Honorable Man

On the last time i was in Hawkesdale the sun was going down
In a pale red towards the west of the old country Town
An old man out walking the years had left stooped and gray
Stopped for a brief chat and to wish me good day
He told me he was born and raised in Hawkesdale and lived there all of his life
And in Hawkesdale raised his children with his recently deceased wife
A few times a week he does visit the grave site where she lay
To place flowers and for her soul kneel for to pray
As he spoke of her he choked back the tears
He said we wre married for fifty four years
And i do miss her more than words can say
Our saddest memories can be of happy times life can be this way
He bid me good evening and shuffled down the street
The honorable and devoted man in Hawkesdale at sunset i did meet.


To the holier than thou in their judge-mental way
Homophobia is always one of their fear words of the day
To them all non heterosexual people have in them something wrong
And to human society they ought not belong
Respect to those different they never could pay
And that their sort are many does seem sad to say
Such people in their thinking are narrow and small
Their idea of a fair go is not a fair go for all
With the saying difference makes us more interesting they could never agree
To them those different in their beliefs are as wrong as wrong can be
In some Countries homosexuality is a punishable by law crime
And homophobia is one of the fear words of our time
Sad to think that some in difference only evil does see
Suppose this is how it is and this is how it always will be.

My Views On Life

My views on life to me alone only count
To others to nothing they seem to amount
My rhymes may be many but my readers are few
Though many of my sort and this is nothing new
But i can make the World better to live in i most certainly can
By simply becoming a far better man
By helping the people of my help in need
We reap life's good Karma when we sow life's good seed
I may be just a mere mortal and born to die
But there's more to living life than me, myself and i
Those who live for self only to be found everywhere
There are millions of them in the big World out there
The flaws in others are not hard to see
But there is plenty of room for improvement in me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

He Is From The Bare Brown Lands

He is from the bare brown lands where the salt bush grow
Where old Murray River towards the Pacific crawls slow
Since he left Tailem Bend he has traveled far and wide
And has shorn in many a hot shearing shed in the brown outback countryside
In his thirty fifth year a few years past his prime
He has not been back to Tailem Bend for six years quite a long span of time
For him to be away from his South Australian Hometown
Where he was born and raised in and where old Murray in waters of brown
On towards saltwater silently deep and slow
To the mighty Pacific at a snail's pace does flow
A young man who is partial to his pot of cheer
In a south western Queensland town tonight he is on the beer
With his shearing mates enjoying the night out
Far north of his Hometown by the Murray down south.

In Millstreet In May

A half an hour walk west of the Town of Millstreet
In the old rushy fields where the rivers do meet
The wildborn pheasant is crowing today
Where the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
Above Matty Owens bog in the gray morning sky
The mottled brown curlew pipes as he does fly
His beautiful flute like notes to live in memory
As he proclaims the borders of his territory
His mate in heavy cover camouflaged in her nest
Her heavily blotched eggs kept warm by the heat of her breast
And the dark brown white breasted dipper in the Finnow does sing
And blackbird is tuning his flute of the Spring
And contented cattle on lush grass chewing their cuds lay
In a field by the river in Millstreet in May.

In His Daydreams

In his daydreams he used to daydream of wealth and renown
The working class man of the ordinary town
Now in his mid thirties and past his life's prime
And also a few years past daydreaming time

With a wife and two young sons and a daughter he works hard for his pay
He leaves home at dawn for work every day
No longer to daydream of being a millionaire
Of life's hard reality he is now more aware

So many young people who daydream of wealth and fame
Who wish for to become a legendary name
But few get from life what for years they pursue
And that daydreams are just that happens to be true

In the ordinary town of high unemployment the wealthy and famous are rare
And where many young people live on poverty line welfare
Many of the young there have daydreams of becoming great
But daydreams on them do have a use by date.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Someone Will Remember You

You may not be one of the famous or in money be worth a million or two
But you will be remembered by someone yes someone will remember you
Someone will say to his or her friends he or she was caring and kind
Such a compassionate person better would be hard to find

Someone will say he or she was a nice person and hopefully now is at peace
One who did not deserve  for to suffer hope from life one who did have a painless release
Always willing to help others often came to the aid of one feeling down
One who deserves to be remembered a credit to our side of the town

One not born to be a celebrity or a winner of Olympic Gold
Yet in mind quite a good person one whose story deserves to be told
As one who deserves to be remembered for the kindness to others you have shown
Strange to think those who only seek self glory seem to be admired and far better known

Than those who care about others such is life one must suppose
One who has been kind to many may not have admirers or foes
But you will be remembered by someone for the good things you did do
You will not be entirely forgotten someone will remember you.

Money Is Most Important

Money speaks every language as some are known to say
This is how it is and always will be this way
The poor are powerless and as powerless until death does stay
And those with heaps of money in the news every day

Money a huge boost to the ego and to self esteem
And on little of it so hard to live happy or so it does seem
They do seem quite friendless those financially down
The people with lots of money do not live on the poor side of town

The billionaire octogenarian with anti aging cream smoothens the wrinkles of time's decay
And with a hairpiece and brown hair dye cover his baldness and natural gray
Many times a great grandfather he divorced his sixth wife
To marry a blond beauty in her twenties the new love of his life

It is true only a saint does embrace poverty
Money does speak every language this is how it seems to be
The millionaire is never short of a friend
Money is most important why otherwise pretend.


In his mid twenties and quite good in bed
Going by some of the local women who have been with Ted
It has even been said the Mayor's aging wife who with brown dye cloaks her gray
Enjoyed a few hours of passion with him believe that if you may
He does not barrack for or play football with the local football club
Though he enjoys the drinking sessions at the local pub
And in it there is not anything that is new
That he has made love to more than a few
Of the local women some of them married so they say
If they are willing Ted with them will lay
A tall handsome chap with short hair of chestnut brown
The leading young male lover of the town
It is no secret he is good in bed
At making love none better than young Ted.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother Earth

The longest lived human life perhaps fifteen years beyond five score
But Mother Earth will live forever more
She feeds all life forms the great and the small
On land, river and sea she provides for all
The food we live off of for us she does grow
And she is so old how old none seem to know
The Seasons of Nature to her come and go
And time it never does become her foe
Many of the greats of human history to the ways of time have gone
But she a true immortal does live on
The life she gives in death she does receive
And those who take her for granted themselves only deceive
Time on all of our lives it ticks and ticks away
And like all others i will return to her one day.

That We Are Born As Mortals

That we are born as mortals surely not a lie
And the longer you live the sooner you will die
The longest lived human life in time not a long span
On average a few years more for a woman that it is for a man
For the people on welfare and on poor take home pay
Just for to survive it is a battle every day
A lack of money can lead to low self esteem and a lack of pride
The gap between the wealthy and poor has never been so wide
Than at anytime in human history
So many people are living in extreme poverty
The wealthy are getting wealthier it does seem this way
And that the poor are getting poorer it does seem sad to say
And many do grow poorer for every new millionaire
That is life some will tell you but is life always fair?

In Nature

In Nature so much to learn of and so much to see
Her beauty it is everywhere around me
A beauty for to see that for we do not have to pay
Such beauty i see around me every day
Nature who eventually takes the life she does give
She has her own laws and by her laws she does live
Her Earth Mother provides food for all of her life forms including human kind
On Nature's Earth every known life form one does find
From the blue whale the World's largest mammal to the tiniest creatures that live and crawl
In the grass and leaf litter Nature provides for them all
Though for life's sustenance on Nature's Earth Mother us humans depend
So few of us treat her as our greatest friend
Her Reaper on our lives has the final say
And like all of her life forms for us a last day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Why so many people want to live in Australia is something i can understand
A big Country of many good people and it is such a wonderful Land
A land of variable climates from the sub tropical and the tropical north to the temperate south
A huge Country for a population of twenty five million people and quite a livable Country no doubt
In Australia one can criticize the Government without fear of being sent to jail
The people in prison in Australia the good person test known to fail
Home to many species of marsupials koala, wallaby, possum, wombat and roo
And many species of birds so many such as corellas, honeyeaters, rosella and cockatoo
The lyrebird the World's greatest mimic, Kookaburra, magpie, magpie lark and currawong
The flightless emu and cassowary and the mound nest builders known as megapodes to Australia belong
The monoterenes the duck bill platypus and echidna egg laying mammals that have inspired story and rhyme
The home of the World oldest races of people the descendants of the people of the Dreamtime
Why so many want to live in Australia is not hard for to understand
A big Country of open spaces it is such a wonderful Land.

The Man Who Does Not Have A Hobby

Colin Corbett the one without a hobby though he has good and funny stories to tell
And he has a subtle sense of humor as a comedian he would do well
But such a career to him not appealing he will not give his chef job away
One of the many unheralded talents in the Human World of today

Janice and i joined Colin and his partner Lee Emmett for lunch in the Bowls Club in Warrnambool
He told us stories of his young years of his mum and dad and his days in primary school
Some of his stories quite funny he brought some laughter to our day
For an hour of good fun and laughter one does not always have to pay

For one who does not claim to have a hobby to him there's a humorous side
His gift is to provoke laughter that this is a talent cannot be denied
One who does not even try to be funny humor comes to him naturally
Without people who can provoke laughter in others how boring the Human World would be

The man who does not have a hobby his gift in life is to spread joy
He does tell hilarious stories going back to when he was a boy
He made us laugh without even trying to, humor with him is a subtle thing
People like him to social occasions the gift of laughter with them bring.

Reality Has It

For all of us a place where we first saw light of day
You may live there now or near to it or from it live far away
And though there your's may not be a well known face
Where you live today is now your homeplace
Home is where the heart is as some like to say
But reality has it in a different way
Though others may see it in ways differently
Home where i now live is home to me
And though from there i now do live far away
I do love Claraghatlea my first home though there i did not stay
In the green countryside just west of Millstreet Town
Where old Clara Mountain does ever look down
But i too love Koroit my new Hometown near the City of Warrnambool
Far south of where i was born and near to where i went to school.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Without Our Gift Of Memory

You may think it is behind you in the forever gone
But wherever you will go to your past will follow on
The good and not so good times you often visit again
The memories will be with you as long as the gift of memory you retain
But you can only live in the now you cannot live in the past
And the future is ahead of you and time does tick on fast
But without your gift of memory much worse off you would be
The money billionaire with alzhiemers or dementia lives in the worst of poverty
The wonderful gift of memory is something of which we are in need
Without it we would be poorer so much poorer indeed
The losing of your gift of memory comes to you at a huge personal cost
For without the power to memorize one would be truly lost
Without our gift of memory how much worse off we would be
And this applies to everyone as well as you and me.

She Married Her Greatest Friend

For him it is not easy with a mentally ill aging wife
But his commitment to her it will be for life
From his marriage vows he will not walk away
Till death does them part with her he will stay

In their mid seventies grandparents eight times they are married for forty years
She developed a mental illness in her mid fifties one of phobias and fears
But despite her irrational behavior to her he remains ever true
A devoted man his type are rare and credit to him it is due

For sticking to his marriage vows one of the loyal few
On saying men like him are rare i am not saying anything that is new
He never would forsake his wife in her time of need
Yes men like him not plentiful and honorable indeed

His aging wife with a mental illness hard to live with she was not always this way
But love does not have boundaries with her he choose to stay
On her vulnerable twilight years for love and support on him she depend
In him she married more than a good husband she married her greatest friend.

To Say The Least I Was Offended

He called me a bollox of a rhymer which means i pen terrible stuff
Though before he was born i was rhyming and for years i've been a rhyming buff
To say the least i was offended but he is much bigger than me
Well over two meters a strapping young fellow in the prime of his life twenty three
With one like him i would not argue too young, big and aggressive and strong
With him a shut mouth for me seemed the best option i did not even tell him he was wrong
Since one drunk and angry as he was one could not reason with at times like this silence does pay
To keep my cool despite provocation for me did seem the right way
His verbal attack on me to me offensive but i was not born to be a fool
I dare not argue with a big angry young drunk man i did what was best for me keep my cool
I know that i am not a good rhymer but to be called a bollox was taking criticism too far
But things like this often does happen in the confines of a public bar
But one night he will meet his come uppance  to one big and strong his own age the wrong thing he will say
Since for one as insulting as he is  the price can be huge for to pay.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Some are born as sports people to be good at things such as football
And some destined to be soldiers their names on wall memorial wall
Whilst some do become celebrities and their praises many do sing
But celebrities or not celebrities everyone is good at something

Some are born to be outlaws this is their life's destiny
And others till death destined to live in extreme poverty
And others do become criminals since they are this way inclined
Yes the variable human family is made up of every kind

Some are born to be writers or artists some like to pen doggerel
And some become politicians and at lying do rather well
And some become prostitutes and gigolos answering their destiny call
And everyone is good at something and everyone it does mean all

A few are born to become their Country's President and a few born to become a billionaire
Though eventually they die like all others and everyone breathes the same air
And the eldest child of the monarch becomes the monarch eventually
Yes the rare few are born to be lucky and how very lucky can one be

Everyone is born for some reason that is what the wise one did say
As for me i am your average rhymer with rhyme words i do like to play
And the millions of people with unwritten life stories of life do have stories to tell
But death is the great equalizer and for all of us a farewell bell.

Jessica Mauboy

To sing the praises of one like her is surely worthwhile
The beautiful young woman with the wonderful smile
A singer and actress in her life's prime
And she is one who will only improve with time
Young Jessica Mauboy does seem unaffected by fame
One of the rare few who remains humble despite being a celebrated name
With a beautiful smile on her beautiful face
A credit to her family and her town and her race
Of the beautiful Jessica it can be truly said
That fame and success the ego inflater to many has not gone to her head
The people of Darwin are proud to claim her as their own
Though beyond Australia one loved by many and known
The best of Down Under it would seem fair to say
Jessica Mauboy about her has a winning way.

In My Flights Of Fancy

In my flights of fancy the male pheasant crow
In the field where the rushes in clusters does grow
And the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
On ditches and hedgerows from here far away
And the old fields lush and green from the recent Spring showers
Quite lovely to behold in their Nature's flowers
And deciduous trees in new leafy cloaks of green
And bluebells in bloom on the ditch of bohreen
And from wintering sheds cattle out on the fields from months of silage and hay
On nutritious Spring grass gaining weight by the day
Singing on a rock in the river around where babbling waters flow
The dark brown water bird dipper with breast white as snow
And nesting birds singing in grove and on hedgerow
When the cool winds of May from the mountains do blow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Cannot Feel Envious

I cannot feel envious of the known billionaire
Full of worry and stress with a mind full of care
Though the praises of such people many may sing
Their money cannot buy or to them bring
What is known as contentment and that does seem a sad thing
Worry in their minds like a leech it does cling
You may dine in the higher class restaurants of town
And with the influence of the power of money you may know of renown
And you live in a big new house at a fashionable address
But your money has failed to buy you happiness
Up the ladder of succes you may have climbed far
But i cannot envy you for the person you are
In fact i feel sorry for you in a way
Though to many this may seem a strange thing to say.

They Are As They Seem

Some people are quite hard to please this is true
And gains for the self they do only pursue
Their three favorite subjects are me, myself and i
When they believe they are a gift to humanity to themselves they do lie
The praises of others they never do sing
To them to praise self is a natural thing
With their sort of people it is all about me
The good things in others they never do see
I meet one or two of their sort every day
And that their kind are not rare it does seem sad to say
Respect to the feelings of others they cannot seem to pay
Suppose they are born for to be this way
Their egos over-inflated from too much high self esteem
Arrogant and conceited they are as they seem.

Myself For To Blame

When i was much younger with a full head of hair
I used to think life to me was not very fair
But of late i have come to realize and now firmly believe
Is that what we put into life in return we receive
Yes we receive from life what is only our due
And this only does happen for to be true
And no point in complaining that by life you are hard done by
That success has not come to you though for it you did not try
In nineteen seventy three at the age of twenty seven i penned my first rhyme
And that is going back some four decades in time
That i have not become a wealthy and famous writer is as obvious as obvious can be
That i just do not make the grade now seems obvious to me
And for my lack of money and success and fame
The only one i have is myself for to blame.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Rural Town's Wise Elders

As the rural town's wise elders themselves they do see
And on what matter most to them in life they usually do agree
This idea of multiculturalism they never could embrace
For change that people of other races bring in their town there is not a place
They do not welcome strangers of other cultures they like themselves as they are
And they feel proud their ancestors went to foreign shores to fight in a distant war
Their culture the best culture this is how they see it anyway
From living life they have not grown any wiser though their hair is flecked with gray
The fathers of teenagers showing the signs of middle age
Against any form of change at all in their words they do rage
On their views on life and people to those who listen they make known
They do not need other races and their cultures here they have cultures of their own
When they talk of a fair go it is not of a fair go for all
The self professed wise elders of the town in their thinking and opinions are so small.

On Short Tail Shearwaters

From Griffith Island where they lived their first day
The short tail shearwaters are now far away
Above the deep southern ocean far from the nearest land shore
From their birthplace five thousand kilometers
Born in sandy burrows in Griffith Island Port Fairy birds destined to fly
Above the southern ocean through thousands of miles of sky
To Griffith Island in late September they will return to breed
How they find their way back home another mystery of Nature indeed
Their first five months spent in nesting burrows where some of the parent birds and chicks to predators fall prey
But their large numbers insure their survival security in numbers as some well might say
The short tail shearwaters or muttonbirds are one of the same
Since muttonbirds for their chicks is another name
When in Griffith Island they were taken by humans for their meat
But nowadays it is only predators mainly foxes that do kill them to eat

In Life Everyone Are Not Winners

In life everyone are not winners many must lose for one to win
Though some will tell you to try your best and come out losing should never be seen as a sin
But such words to you of little consolation when your dreams in life do not come true
Most people do feel quite deflated when they fail to achieve the goals in life they do pursue
It does seem that most humans for success with each other have been born for to compete
And what is known as a graceful loser is one you will not often meet
In a World of billions of people the many in extreme poverty
Are classified by the more judge-mental as life's big losers but with such thinking i do not agree
You will only know who your friends are when you are financially and mentally down
Few stories have ever been written about the poor battlers of the town
So many t v shows on people who in life have achieved something great
It is only those seen as winners that the majority wish to celebrate
In life everyone cannot be a winner losers are many and winners are few
You may say to this you are not telling anything to us that is new.

Monday, May 20, 2013


It's strong links to Ireland one of it's claims to renown
Koroit in south west Victoria an old rural Town
For it's friendly people it is widely known
One might say Koroitians have a charm of their own
The beaches from Koroit in distance not far
Killarney or Rutledge Cuttings twelve minutes by car
Most of those who visit Koroit return to visit again
And some even for the long stay does remain
To live and grow old in a most livable place
Where many do greet you with a smiling face
Near to Tower Hill the spiritual home of the south west's first people the Budj Bim race
To the pre Dreamtime centuries their history does trace
As a famous old Town in south west Victoria's coastal countryside
Koroit it has become known in Countries Worldwide.

Doug Williams

A loving husband to his wife Molly and a good dad to his children and to many he was a good friend
For Doug Williams in his ninety second year his life's journey came to an end
A hard working likeable fellow in Altona his last remains lay
Like Doug all of us born as mortals and for all there's a last night and day
For seventy years married to Molly she was the great love of his life
Doug he was faithful to Molly and to him she was a good wife
Of life he had many great stories one who was compassionate and kind
Men like Doug Williams are a rare breed for to help others always inclined
His family and friends they will miss him though for awhile he had not been well
He fought for his life till the finish till to the scythe of the reaper he fell
One known to and well liked by many the life from Doug Williams may be gone
But he was one of the unforgettable and good memories of him will live on
In his family and the many in life he befriended though from life his was not a painless release
The World better for him living in it and may his remains rest in peace.

I Am What Is Known As

I am what is known as your average rhymer not what most do refer to as a poet
Yet i am one who does care about others does this not make me as one worthy of note?
I am one of many who can feel for others to others respect i do pay
And though many do look up to materially successful people yet success in itself relative anyway

I am not seen as a successful person one without achievements for to brag about
Born to rhyme just your average rhymer and even my worth as such i have reason to doubt
Yet i am happy when i am rhyming and rhymes every day do keep coming to me
Everywhere i look there is beauty around me i only rhyme of the beauty i see

Those who admire the mining tycoon billionaires in large numbers does seem to abound
But to our Earth Mother they are abusive when they dig for her resources in the ground
The praises of the materially wealthy the impressionable may be happy to sing
But the one who is successful to one may not be to another as success is a relative thing

As a young man like many i daydreamed of being wealthy and famous but daydreams do seldom come true
And life as is said has a habit of giving you what is your due
And the fact is i am one of the World's millions of rhymers and fact as we know never lie
But penning rhyme i find enjoyable and i hope to be doing it till i die.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mt Rouse Or Kolor

Known as Mt Rouse or Kolor in it's rugged face of brown
The old volcanic mountain overlooking Penshurst Town
Thousands of years back in the Dream-time  long before European people came
To live in the Shire now known as The Southern Grampians the hills coughed up rivers of flame
Us humans do age quickly time does become our foe
And though to Mt Rouse or Kolor the Seasons come and go
The old hill overlooking Penshurst Town that has inspired story and rhyme
It does not seem to age at all though it was old in the Dream-time
When in Summer Australia's first people danced their corroborees
In view of old Kolor in the shade of the trees
But within view of Kolor no corroborees danced today
Time does bring with it changes as some are known to say
But old Mt Rouse or Kolor forever will look down
On the dry brown stony countryside and Penshurt rural Town.

This Is How It Seems To Be

We all look at things quite different quite different indeed
What is a flower to one person to another is a weed
You have your God in Heaven somewhere beyond the sky
Your right to your beliefs and opinions of you none should deny
The God that i believe in lives in the human mind
A God happy for to live in the compassionate and kind
This is what i believe in though on my thinking on this i may be wrong
The right thinking on religion to anyone does not belong
Perhaps if we all had similar beliefs and thought in the same way
There would be less wars and conflicts in the World of today
Religion, God and Borders are the things known to divide
And through the decades of time wars fought in most Countries Worldwide
Even those you have most things in common with on all things you will not agree
We all look at things quite different this is how it seems to be.

Eventually To Die

We come to life of others pleasure and pain
And someone's loss becomes another's gain
In our young years we daydream of wealth and fame
But at the end for all of us the same
Though he was one who had lived for eighty years
At the news of the President's death many people are in tears
They weep for a person they never met and only knew to see
Their grief at his passing strange to cynical old me
At the ways of people my wonder only grow
Why some do weep for one they did not know
As if he was a dear departed friend
Does seem way beyond me for to comprehend
The celebrity is a mortal just like you and i
One born to life eventually to die.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Mere Fact Of Life

Since most races and all colors of people i have mixed with and known
From those with racist views in my thinking far apart i have grown
We all do belong to the one big human family
At least anyhow that's how it seems to me
In the park, shopping center and on the street
Everyday the good and not so good of all races i meet
People are people as some like to say
And take them as you find them it does seem this way
I mix with all races and colors of white, black and brown
And none i look up to and on none i look down
Like my blood their blood does flow red when they bleed
To me they are similar quite similar indeed
And like me they are mortals and born to die
A mere fact of life and fact does not lie.

On Grey Teal

Far in from the lake shore grey teal in large numbers congregate
Perhaps remembering that some of their members have met with a cruel fate
By the guns of the shooters shot out of the sky
The main reason of all humans they feel scared and shy
Though duck shooting Season is over until next year
Embedded in their memories the guns of the shooters they hear
They always feel nervous when humans to them are near
And they do have good reason human kind to fear
Duck shooting Season  may be over but the fear of being shot at with the grey teal does remain
And the sight of a human bring back the bad memories to them again
I do not have a gun but they keep safe distance from me
In every human being one to fear they do see
From the guns of humans a safe distance away
Far in from the lake shore they feel happy to stay.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I know about life the joy, laughter and tears
And the scourge of addiction the phobias and fears
People can change over time i've known silly young dears
To grow into graceful young women over a period of years

And i have known men arrogant and rude in their youth and prime
Who have become nice to know people over a decade of time
And i have known some nice in their young years to leave themselves down
By joining the ranks of the ratbags of the town

We do learn from living as some like to say
But with everyone it does not seem this way
For the better or worse as we age we do change
And to say the least most of us in our ways strange

We are what we are that is how it seems to be
And you in your thinking quite different to me
How boring we would be if we all were the same
Variety is the spice of life for want of a better name.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Young Rose Of The Town

Down to earth in her ways and free of conceit
Beautiful for to look at and a joy for to meet
Dark shoulder length wavy hair and eyes of dark bown
The beautiful and charming young Rose of the Town
She has just celebrated her twentieth birthday
Any negative thing of her one could not say
Wherever she is at joy is to be found
She carries it with her and spreads it around
With a beautiful smile on her beautiful face
In her happy mind for conceit there's no space
Not surprising her friends in numbers do grow
For she is one who does have the inner glow
For her beauty and down to earth ways loved and known
The young Rose of the Town in a class of her own.

A Human World Without Love

A Human World where anyone for the feelings of anyone does not care
Even the very thought of such does seem hard to bear
Yes a Human World without love would be a sad World indeed
When it is of more love not less of it that the most of us are in need
In a Human World without love wars and crimes would be rife
A lack of love can lead to a lack of respect for life
One needs the gift of love to be compassionate and kind
And the one without love has darkness of the mind
Those with love in them their love with all do share
And of the feelings of others are all too aware
Without love the Human World would be one of sin
A World impossible for a good person for to live in
More love and compassion in the Human World we do need
For a World without them would be a sad World indeed.

The Weather It Is Rather Pleasant

I am one without cause for worry and it is such a beautiful day
Considering the calendar Winter approaching since we are in the first week of May
The weather it is rather pleasant for the latter end of the Fall
The silver bill magpies are singing and in the park children play ball
The deciduous leaves recently fallen looking dry, crinkled and brown
With a rustling sound by the wind blown along the foot paths of the town
But weather- wise it is quite Spring-like who would believe Winter is near
In weather temperatures close to the twenties quite warm for the time of year
Yet not everybody is happy the farmers are praying for rain
Suppose since they are dependent on weather they do have a right to complain
But i feel no cause for complaining this nice weather does suit me fine
Such beautiful Autumnal weather with nice spells of warm sunshine
The silver bill magpies are singing the magpie larks calling pee wee
Why should i not feel only happy with Nature's beauty all around me.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


The orangutans of Borneo's rainforests are under threat
Of extinction in the wild since logging for wild born orangutans can mean certain death
Such beautiful creatures due to loss of  habitat of human help are in need
Just for their very survival and this does seem sad indeed
To think that us humans are responsible for the destruction of natural habitat Worldwide
Every day hundreds of acres of rainforest in Indonesia destroyed
The home of the orangutans for human financial gain
Why we are the way we are beyond me to explain
That such beautiful creatures  as orangutans in their home-places becoming rare
This World is for us to live in and with other life forms space for to share
Every day in the rainforests thousands of old growth trees are cut down
For to furnish new homes for the wealthy in the far away big town
And the beautiful wild-born orangutans in dwindling numbers losing out to human greed
The very thought of this is a very sad thought indeed.

The Fact Is

The fact is we are born as mere mortals and fact never lie
But life is meant to be how well you live not how old you die
A long life lived for the self not a well lived life at all
Since those who live for self only in their ways are small
Those who to help others go out of their way
And perform a good deed or two or three every day
They may not be famous and known far and wide
But that they live as good people of them cannot be denied
Some of those who live for self only may be seen by many as great
And as famous celebrities their fans Worldwide them do celebrate
And thanks to their fans on success ladder they have climbed far
But their fans do not know them for the kind of people they are
It does not matter how famous you are or to how old you will live
What counts most you believe in to receive you must give.

Life Can Have It Sorrows

Life does seem too short for regrets and for tears
For you what was not meant to be in the the long gone years
The praises of love many may like to sing
But some forms of love can become a heart-breaking thing

Tears in his eyes for the great love of his life
The one who rejected his offer of marriage and is now another man's wife
Though two years since then gone the mental pain of loss with him does remain
In love as in life someone's loss can be another person's gain

He cannot change the past since the past it has gone
And life around him as usual goes on
The one he loved only looked on him as a friend
Unrequited love never does have a happy end

Many people through life does carry some cross
And one can stand to gain from another person's loss
Life can have it's sorrows as some like to say
This is how it is and will always be this way.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Old Rushy Field

A mile at the most west of the Town of Millstreet
In the old rushy field where the rivers do meet
The hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
And the wildborn male pheasant is cucking today
The dark brown river bird dipper with breast white as snow
Sings in the Finnow that from Gneeves to the Blackwater flow
May in Duhallow is such a beautiful time of year
When the song of the mavis is so pleasant to hear
And the tiny brown wren with the big bird song in the hedgerow does sing
Far north in Duhallow in the prime of the Spring
Cattle out of wintering sheds from months of eating silage and hay
On lush nutritious Spring grass gaining weight by the day
Far north in Duhallow near the Town of Millstreet
In the old rushy field where the rivers do meet.

Their Negative Opinions

Their negative opinions of you may hurt your feelings in some way
But as long as untrue things of you they do not say
Their opinions of you they are entitled to express
Though you do learn from those that you do not impress
Far more than those who look up to you and you never criticize
I only do quote here the words of the wise
Life for us has it's lessons why otherwise pretend
And it is true everyone that you know is not to you a friend
That life has many lessons happens to be so
And though you do love your friend you do learn from your foe
Few of us born to be anywhere near to perfect is how it seems to be
And your enemies highlight the imperfections in you that others don't see
And if they do not spread falsehoods when speaking of you
Perhaps from them of yourself you may learn a thing or two.

About You As A Person

Though your house of worship to your God you visit to pray
About you as a person this nothing does say
And though this may win you the respect of the religious kind
You are only as good as the person you are in your mind
For those doing it tough do you feel sympathy
They have a rare gift those blessed with empathy
The religious inclined the admiration of the majority may win
But those with compassion and empathy nurture their God within
It is not how to others that you seem to be
It is the deeper side of you that others does not see
You may not be religious but you plant Karma's good seed
When you come to the aid of one of your help in need
And since you are compassionate and caring and kind
You have the God within living in your mind.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lucky The Strangers To Fame

If you are well known and famous those who judge you are not few
To me you may say you tell me something i already knew
But if you are a stranger to many even on your side of the town
Then few to criticize you and verbally put you down
Yet most wish to be wealthy and famous and to many people known
And it is from fame and money that big egos have been grown
Yet even though they may not know it lucky the strangers to fame
Since a target for the judge-mental can come with a famous name
The most famous and wealthiest people in the World are not without foes
Of them many have harsh words to say such is life one must suppose
Even though you are quite generous with your money  in helping the down and out
The more cynical on your generosity only too willing to cast doubt
Those not well known have fewer to judge them that is how it seems to me
Though many with my thinking on this would surely disagree.

The Former Rose Of Penshurst

She was the Rose of Penshurst till time became her foe
And she left the Town by Mt Rouse a few decades ago
When the travel bug was in her for the bigger World out there
Like many had done before her she went to live elsewhere

With eyes as blue as a summer sky and wavy shoulder length hair of brown
A young woman of rare beauty the former Rose of Penshurst Town
She did not return to Penshurst from where she went to far away
Perhaps she would be a stranger to many in the Town by Mt Rouse today

Tall and slim and attractive Penshurst's Rose in her prime
But women lose some of their beauty with the passage of time
She is now in her mid fifties her physical best years in the past
Youthful female beauty loses out to time and for decades does not last

The former Rose of Penshurst where might she be today
Did she fall in love and have children or as single did she stay?
She left Penshurst in the early eighties never to return to there again
But memories of her beauty with those who knew her does remain.

Old Marco

The nest building birds sing and whistle today
In his first home-place from here far away
Where the cattle on lush grass chewing their cuds lay
And the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
Old Marco from Croatia his hair silver gray
His best years behind him of  him it would seem fair to say
In his early eighties it has been a long time
Since he was a strong young man in his life prime
When he married Ella the love of his life
The mother of his son and daughter and his devoted wife
For fifty two years till the day that she breathed her last
Our saddest memories can be of our happiest days of the past
Today in his first home-place in Croatia the nesting birds sing
On a beautiful morning in May in the Spring.

Monday, May 13, 2013

People Are Strange

Of years of life she has lived more than four score
The Queen of Australia her home is on a distant shore
In England where she lives she first saw light of day
And in London her last remains destined to lay

The Royalists of Australia to their British Monarch bow
And the people of India have their Sacred Cow
And billions of people believe that God lives in the sky
And to otherwise convince them why waste your time to try

But what to me does seem the oddest of the odd
Is that Rastafarians believe that Haile Selassie Is God
In his lifetime as Emperor of Ethipia one of the wealthiest people Worldwide
At a time when thousands of people in Ethiopia of starvation died

Around the World weeping and moving statues of religious icons people claim to see
Though such things have never been witnessed by me
One wonders what of me does this mean or say
Am i unworthy of witnessing miracles to me it does seem this way

People tell me in their minds their past lives they have seen
Of their past lives families and friends and places they have lived in and to have been
Their stories i may doubt though not for me to say they are wrong
Your thoughts others cannot read and to you alone belong

People have traveled in space and walked on the Moon
And a holiday destination for wealthy people may be Mars sometime soon
And people are strange as strange as can be
And one of the strangest would have to be me.

Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser the champion swimmer she is looking old
In the swimming pool a three times winner of Olympic Gold
One of the World's greatest swimmers when she was in her prime
But that is going back many decades in time

A World swimming legend of the fifties and sixties and a legend today
Dawn Fraser is aging in a graceful way
She does not wear makeup her hair it is gray
And that she is not conceited of her it would seem fair to say

Australia's greatest swimmer one might say arguably
In three Olympic one hundred meters freestyle finals she swam to victory
The Amazing Dawn created her own history
A renowned Olympian as most would agree

Though time on her it is beginning to tell
For one of her years she is looking quite well
A sporting icon of Australia and renowned Worldwide
True greatness of her it cannot be denied.

He Was Supposedly Happy

He was supposedly happy in his married life
But he is one who did not stay with his wife
He is with one young enough to be his daughter today
One would have thought that a happily married man with his wife would stay?

The one he is with is thirty five dark hair and eyes of brown
One who is not or never was the great beauty of town
The single mum of an eight years old boy
The love and company of a fatherly figure she does enjoy

Before she met him she thought all men were bad
But since falling in love with the five times a grand-dad
Her thoughts on the male kind have changed it does seem
Since she is with one she does hold in high esteem

In his early sixties many years past his prime
Like all others one left walking slower by time
One who was happily married at least supposedly so
Before he left his wife for a younger woman about two years ago.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Old Joe

Old Joe he loves Nature and almost every day
He is watching birds in the park by the bay
Though in his late seventies his love for Nature does grow
And all of the region's birds by their songs or their calls he does know
At the weekend he enjoys a few beers at the neighborhood pub
And at their home games he barracks for the town's football club
Last year of cancer he lost the love of his life
His soul-mate of fifty years Kathy his beloved wife
With two daughters in their twenties Amanda and Joy
And Amanda has one son Tony a three years old boy
One who is well known and well loved in the town
In his prime with the local football club he earned his renown
But learning of Nature's ways is Joe's favorite thing
And he knows every bird by their call or the songs they do sing.


On the last time that i was in Yarram Town
Deciduous trees were in their Autumn brown
And weather nice and warm for May
The memory is with me today
And such a memory nice to recall
Of the old South Gippsland Town in the Fall
And of the friendly people i met there
As nice as i have met anywhere
In Yarram Town on every street
Happy smiling faces i did meet
Good memories of there with me remain
I would like to visit there again
Though to all there mine was a stranger's face
By Yarram locals made to feel welcome in their homeplace
And though from there i live far away
Good memories of my visit there with me today.

Us Humans With Each Other

Us humans with each other are born to compete
To be best in your neighborhood and best on your street
Could it be we are programmed for to be this way
Survival of the fittest as some are known to say
They always does lose out or so it does seem
Those who do suffer of low self esteem
And success seldom does come to those who are shy
That self confidence is to one's advantage to all does apply
Most people from a young age do daydream of renown
To be best in the district and be best in the town
To be best in your Country and your Nation's pride
And to be best in the World and known Worldwide
We are born to compete for success with each other that is how it seems to me
This is how most of us are and this is how we always will be.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Laugh And Be Merry

Why worry of life of what of you lay ahead
Eighty years of living if you are lucky and you are forever dead
So make the most of living and try to enjoy life
One known source of cancer is known as inner strife
For a long and happy life a good sense of humor one does need
Those with the gift of happiness are lucky indeed
An old saying that remains with me for to recall
That a good laugh can make a big worry seem small
A lonely one is the sad sack of the town
Since few wish to know of the one feeling down
Laugter has even more appeal than the most popular song
With the one who does laugh others do laugh along
So laugh and be merry since the longest lived life in time a brief span
And few do wish to know of the unhappy woman or man.

That They Are Quite Special

That they are quite special some children by their well to do parents are told
But in any one Olympic event only one can win the Gold
And in all things in life many losers for every winner as some like to say
That is how it always has been and it will always be this way

And children quite naive and innocent and their egos not hard to inflate
Believe it when their parents tell them they are great
But in their early teens for them an unpleasant surprise
When they are not as special as their parents tell them they are they come to realize

And the parents disappointed when they realize that their children are not extraordinary
That they are not as great as they thought they might be
They had not learned an old fact of life and old facts are not new
That winners are not many and losers are not few

When parents tell their children they are special and great them they do deceive
For children in their innocence all they do hear do believe
To be successful and famous and wealthy most people would choose
In a Human World where for a minority for to win the majority have to lose. 

For Those Who Have Them

For those who have them their praises i feel happy for to sing
Those with compassion and kindness joy to others do bring
People who do their good deeds every day
To help those in need of helping they go out of their way
One may never become a hero of the town
By helping those who in their luck are down
But it is not for recognition that the compassionate and kind help those who of helping are in need
Or it is not for fame they perform their every good deed
It is just that they were born for to live this way
For to do a good deed or two every day
They may never become the toast of the town
Nor do they seek or wish for such renown
For to give comfort and support to those who are doing it tough
To them in life does seem reward enough.

Friday, May 10, 2013

He Was The Dunce Of The Classroom

He was the dunce of the classroom in the primary school
A boy dismissed by many as a fool
But the once dunce today a multi millionaire
And what makes him a better person some of his wealth he does share
Amongst those going through hard times in the town
He has not forgotten that he himself was down
Before he became a successful man but not a man of greed
And now he helps those of helping in need
That great people are great in many ways no truer words are said
His success it has not gone to his head
His life story is a story to inspire
And one like him is not hard to admire
From dunce of the classroom to the wealthiest man in town
It is true it is hard for to keep a good one down.

Paddy McCarthy

Since Paddy McCarthy lived more than ninety years in time has gone
But in Duhallow today the legend living on
Of the man that the British crown forces did gun down
At Millview Lane in famous Millstreet Town

From Freemount born in Rowels Meelin from where he died not far away
As a brave young man his legend in Duhallow lives today
For fame the price it can be huge to pay
And the good die young as some are known to say

One who was taken in the prime of life
And he died without children or a wife
How we live and die is our life's destiny
Though not everyone with such a statement would agree

Of Ireland he was surely a true friend
But for him it must have been a painful end
Few war heroes are destined to grow old
He gave his life for love of the green and white and gold

Though most men like him go to an early grave
There can be doubt that he was truly brave
In Millstreet Town beneath a darkened sky
At Millview Lane the bullets to and fro did fly

It is out of death that war heroes are made
And though at their graves The Last Post often played
The bugle the dead heroes do not hear
For to grow old one needs the gift of fear

From such a sacrifice a minority stood to gain
And why this should be seems beyond me to explain
His blood washed down the sidewalks in the rain
The noble man who died at Millview Lane

But all of this did happen many years ago
And the enemy then nowadays is not the foe
Paddy McCarthy's praises by the patriots sung
Perhaps it might be true that the good die young.

It Is Such A Beautiful Day

The magpie larks calling out pee wee in the sunlit park by the bay
With just a few gray clouds in the blue sky it is such a beautiful day
For late April beyond mid Autumn there is even warmth in the breeze
The weather temperatures for the time of year quite amazing well over twenty degrees
The fallen leaves off of the deciduous trees quite dry and crinkled and brown
By the freshening winds blown with a rustle along the footpaths of the town
And the silver bill magpies are warbling they sing every day of the year
The songsters of Nature's four Seasons are always a joy for to hear
The weather so sunny and warm after overnight much needed rain
For the time of year very pleasant about that none ought to complain
In the park young boys are playing football the sound of their laughter is a thing of joy
It takes me back to long gone Seasons when i was a primary school-going boy
When with my young friends on fine evenings in Summer we laughed as we chased the football up and down
Long before time left us walking slower in the park in the far away town.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Most Company Directors

Most company directors can be rather ruthless since they have the power to hire and fire
Most of their type did not get to the top by being nice people though many them seem to admire
Employees they are not making a huge profit on to them expendable without hesitation their employment they terminate
Yet they are seen to be successful and many does laud them as great
The most successful people in business are not known for compassion and seem to lack in empathy
For people struggling to make ends meet they never show much sympathy
Their sort are in some way responsible for the gap in the social divide
And the fact is such a gap keeps on widening and the truth in fact cannot be denied
When i say most company directors are not philanthropists i am not saying anything that is new
But amongst them some generous people and having said that only just a few
Who treat their employees  with respect and to sack anyone without a very good reason to not known
And employees known to work harder for their bosses when respect to them it is shown
Most company directors are greedy as well as sadly lacking in ruth
They did not become billionaires by being nice people and of them this is only the truth.

Few Of Us Near To Perfect

Few of us near to perfect one would have to suppose
And most of us have our friends as well as our foes
My neighbor a lot better person than me
Though eye to eye with him i just cannot see
Since little in common with him i do share
But suppose such amongst people is not even rare
Though on speaking terms with us it is a hello or good day
That is all he and i to each other seems to have to say
A very religious person church he does regularly attend
And an atheistic sort of a person would not be his idea of a friend
My God is a she by name of Nature the Goddess of the Sea and Land
And my sort of thinking he would not try to understand
So i leave him to his God and he leaves me to mine
And that in truth seems to suit both of us fine.

Some People

Some people live all of their lives where they first looked on the light of day
Whilst others travel to far off Lands and towns and cities far away
To appease the lust of wander that is born in the mind
The people who yearn for places new to travel are inclined
In cities far from their first home-town many marry, raise their children and stay
Until The Reaper on their lives does have the final say
Yet i envy the stay at home kind content in their first home-place
Where most people are known to them and theirs is a familiar face
All of the friends of my younger years are living far from me
And most of them i realize i never more will see
Some of them live in distant towns and some in the first home place does stay
And some of them are now deceased and at peace forever lay
Yet i envy those in their first home-place who never yearn for places elsewhere
They feel no desire to travel in the bigger World out there.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Of Nature

Of Nature i learn new things every day
We never stop learning it does seem this way
Right up till our very last night and day
Till the Reaper of Lives on our lives have the say
And though my wonder of her only does seem to grow
So little of Nature's ways i can claim to know
Everywhere i turn to look i cannot fail to see
Her beauty it is everywhere around me
The one who has in her the magical power
To create a thing like a beautiful flower
Yet in her moments of anger great buildings by her have been destroyed
And many left injured where many have died
Humans greatest achievements compared to her's does seem small
The one we depend on for to feed us all.

On Self Important People

I cannot say i like self important people they think they are a gift to humanity
Their arrogance i do feel quite off putting love of self gone wrong or so it seems to me
A certain amount of self love for anyone is necessary but for some into narcissism it does grow
And narcissistic people do live for self only and they are never nice people to know

Self important people feel superior to others and to self they only can relate
They want to be the center of attention human society such people does create
But humanity has all forms of personalities from the self promotional to the publicity shy
And why some do feel superior to all others is something one can only wonder why

The Human World is not short of self important people they are in every village, city and town
At parties if they are not the center of attention they feel quite disappointed and let down
Their view of the World is not a broad one with them it is only me, myself and i
And as they grow older they become more self centered and this is how they will be till they die

One does grow tired of self important people i meet a few of their sort every day
If they did not have the self to talk of they would feel short of anything to say
Believe me everyone does need some self love but with some into narcissism it does grow
Such people are not hard to grow tired of and not the nicest people for to know.

It Is Each To Their Own

Politics, current affairs and sports and football
Are things that does not interest him at all
He and his girlfriend does love bird watching walks on sunday
It is each to their own as some do like to say
Those who know him do look on him as rather odd
As if he were the son of one of a lesser god
He does not play football with the local football club
Or ever join them for a drink at the pub
The bravery of others him never inspire
And he does not have heroes of which to admire
By Nature Lovers a local minority he is one loved and known
And he is one they feel proud to call one of their own
He knows a lot about Nature for one of twenty three
It is each to their own would you not agree?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

He Is A Young Man

He is a young man from the far away town
A tall and handsome fellow with short hair of dark brown
The wanderlust in him in this town his will not be a long stay
In a few weeks from now he will be on his way
To the nearest big city for to try his luck there
Opportunity for the young and adventurous is almost everywhere
In his early twenties to the World he does belong
The spirit of adventure in his young mind is strong
The writers write of it the singers of it does sing
The lure of the wander is an irresistible thing
Of the ties that bind one of those who is free
In the big World out there is so much to see
For one in his early twenties with energy for to spare
One who does not have responsibilities and is free of any care.


In south west Victoria a grand old country Town
That is known by the name of Camperdown
The few times i was there on every street
Many friendly people i happened to meet
Even though to them i would not have been known
They greeted me as they would one of their own
An old rural Town in the flat countryside
In Camperdown on their Town they take pride
For visitirs always a welcome there
As friendly a people as i've met anywhere
Good memories of my visits there with me will remain
And i will visit Camperdown again
To be made feel at home is always a nice thing
And the praises of Camperdown i feel happy to sing.

They Do Feel Superior

They do feel superior with God on their side
And the flag of their Country they carry with pride
And to a superior Race they do feel they belong
If they feel so right then they cannot be wrong

On war memorial day the flags and banners fly
For God and for Country is their battle cry
As they honor the brave who for God, Flag and Country died
The conviction of arrogance cannot be denied

They believe that terrorists arrive as refugees on boats
And the politicians prey on their fears for their votes
They believe that compassionate politicians are warped in the mind
With their votes they only support their own kind

Yet despite their bravado they are shackled by fear
And any kind words of those different to them one never does hear
They have themselves convinced that it is them against they
In their own minds they cannot be wrong if they think in this way.

Monday, May 6, 2013

In Birdsland In September

Where it is so lush and green in September in Spring
And grey shrike thrush and blackbird in their nesting territories sing
And magpies sing all night as well as all day
In Birdsland in September from here far away

Young black duck with their mums swimming on the lake
And pee wees are calling in the cool of daybreak
And the bell-birds in the wood on the hill are on song
In South Belgrave their bell like notes heard all day long

Where at daybreak and twilight the white cockatoos call on the higher trees
Their harsh calls are carrying in the freshening breeze
And mixed flocks of white and straw necked ibis probe for slugs in the soft ground
In Birdsland in South Belgrave in numbers they abound

The home of grebe, moorhen, wood duck and swamphen
Where the whipbird's whip cracking like call can be heard in the wooded glen
In Birdsland in September from here far away
A beautiful place i have not  been to for many a day.


Nothing worse than a bully one who has power over you
Such as a bully boss i have worked for two
They did make me sweat hard for my every pay
Though with them mine was not a very long stay

Yes in their employment mine not a long spell
Since they did not treat their employees well
For anyone with a bully boss i do feel sympathy
As such people do sadly lack in empathy

There are all sorts of bullies and it does seem to me
That the Human World of them will never be free
To say some are born to be bullies would not be telling a lie
Their sort does start war where many are injured and die

Bullies abuse power in the worst possible way
I did have two as bosses but mine with them was a short stay
Of my time in their employment no happy stories to tell
And to them i do dedicate this doggerel.

Whoever Would Believe

Whoever would believe that Winter is near
On this beautiful day for the time of year
The sun shining bright few gray clouds in the blue sky
And birds chirp and sing in the woodland nearby
A week left of April to Autumn's last month of May
How good to be living on such a nice day
The colors of Autumn on the deciduous trees
And the brown leaves are falling in the freshening breeze
Yesterday we had a few hours of much needed rain
But with such pleasant weather how can one complain
The flutes of the magpies melodious and clear
And the pee wees of the magpie larks so pleasant to hear
And the sparrows chirping on the bushes by the garden wall
On a beautiful day for late April in the Fall.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gray Haired Johnny

The old bloke in his early eighties gray haired Johnny he hails from where the Tarwin waters flow
Through that old flat countryside of South Gippsland the home of gray roo and the pale eyed crow
He never had a wife but he had a long term partner and she passed on a couple of years ago
On Saturday night he has a few beers at the local content in himself at least he seems so
In his younger years he used to be a shearer he shore in many an outback shearing shed
One of the last of the great old time shearers most of the shearers who shore with him are long dead
He left the countryside around the Tarwin when he was young he had only turned nineteen
One who traveled  far and worked hard for a living so many miles of countryside he has seen
In his younger years he enjoyed beer and the company of women he drank in pubs in many a country town
But back then he was fit, strong young and healthy the silver hair on his balding head was then dark brown
He does believe that he did not father children though he did have a few women in his life
And Jo his deceased partner who loved him and grew old with him he always refers to her as his wife
He is a nice old fellow gray haired Johnny in his early eighties he enjoys a beer
One who loves life he wants to go on living and he remains partial to his pot of cheer.

I Will Always Be A Fellow From Duhallow

I will always be a fellow from Duhallow and will be so until my dying day
Though i have lived for years in this far southern Country the accent i was born into with me stay
It is true you can take the man from the Country but you cannot take the Country from the man
Claraghatlea in Millstreet in Duhallow was where the life's journey for me began
As a young man i had literary ambitions i used to daydream i might be a poet
In the World of literature one known and famous and seen as a literary person of note
But daydreams are as said are just that daydreams and such dreams seldom ever do come true
Like is said of life it seems to have a habit of giving to us what is our due
Many years ago i fell in love with Nature in the fields of Claraghatlea and  Lisnaboy
And i do love her as an aging fellow and learning of her ways i do enjoy
I do love living in this Southern Country where there is so much natural beauty for to see
It's unique wildlife simply is amazing words to describe it does seem beyond me
But i could never claim to be an Aussie the accent of a person does not lie
I was born and raised far north of here in Duhallow but who knows where and when i am going to die.

Nature Never Ceases To Surprise Us

Nature never ceases to surprise us and so little about her i can claim to know
And from her it seems we never stop learning and my wonder of her only seems to grow
The damp evening air is full of birds voices the loud karrawang calls of the currawong
The dark birds of the higher wooded country it is said that they have rain in their song

The ways of Nature's wildlife her wonders are many and her secrets not few
In my daily walks to my amazement every day of her i do learn something new
Of life it is said we never do stop learning of Nature we can also say the same
Is there one person who knows all about Nature at least not anyone that i could name

Nature changes her cloak with the Seasons and learning of her ways a joyful thing
Some of her birds one gets to know by their voices by their chirps or the songs they do sing
The gray butcher-bird i take as an example his song to it does have a bubbling ring
The magpies songs does sound so very flute like the birds who do treat every day as Spring

A damp Autumn evening near the end of April the currawongs calling on the high trees
Their karrawang songs not to be mistaken are carrying in the freshening southern breeze
It is true of Nature we never do stop learning we learn something of her every day
Her wonders many and her secrets not few she is quite amazing is all of her i can say.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Hate The Word Loser

I hate the word loser when it is used in a derogatory way
One of the worst verbal put down words In the World of today
Used by people who find pleasure on putting others verbally down
Such people are not an asset to any village,city or town
People who are disrespectful to others in the things to or of them they do say
Respect to themselves expect others to pay
And when they feel offended of discrimination they do complain
Without realizing what you dish out in life in return is your gain
I hate the word Loser when it is used to offend
It can be quite offensive why otherwise pretend
Those who hurt others feelings without any reason to at all
Are quite ignorant people and in their ways quite small
I hate the word Loser when it is abused
At the verbal putting down of others one should not feel amused.

Our Earth Mother

She has inspired writers to poetry and story and song and rhyme
The one very old in the dinosaur time
Our Earth Mother the one who does feed us all
For her there will never be a final Fall

The one who provides for us for as long as we live
Yet we take and take from her and in return to her little give
For her hidden treasures greedy men dig in her ground
And where men are exploiting beauty is not to be found

Some call her Mother Nature but call her what you may
Her beauty we see around us every day
The one with the magical creative powers
She creates the bushes, the grass and the trees and the flowers

Of our debt to her many of us not aware
Due to us her land life and water life becoming rare
Less land for other life forms whilst in numbers we multiply
Why we constantly abuse her one must wonder why?

She was very old before the birth of the first woman and man
And millions of  centuries her lifetime does span
In the World she feeds all of her life forms from shore to shore
The one destined to be here forever more.

Robert Service The Poet

He gave to the World Sam McGee and Dan McGrew
Robert Service the poet his equals are few
He did tell some wonderful stories in rhyme
And his legend lives on through the decades of time

The Poet Laureate of the Arctic when men mined for gold
Of human heart-ache and elation stories in rhyme by him told
And later on in Paris he added to his fame
In rhyme's glory days his was a legendary name

Of Robert Service true greatness cannot be denied
From Preston in England a man who traveled far and wide
Even in death a legend around him has grown
One might say of him in a class of his own

A legend in his lifetime and a legend today
Robert Service with rhyming words did have a way
The Poet Laureate of the Yukon when he was in his prime
His legend lives on through the decades of time.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just For the Sake Of It

Just for the sake of it some do complain
They would find reason to grumble if the World was their gain
They may be quite well off financially well to do
But they seem to have big worries and more than one or two
Suppose some people are born to be of the worrying kind
And they live till they die without knowing peace of mind
For the reason for this ask one on human behavior who has a degree
On the workings of the mind there are millions more enlightened than me
That one who ought to feel contented is not that way
Is confusing to me and it does seem fair for to say
That some well to do people will find reason to complain
And could not even feel happy if the World was their gain
Never short on life's comforts yet never satisfied
By the happy fairy of happiness they must have been denied.

Wherever I Go To

Wherever i go to my past follows me
And till i draw my last breath in life this is how it will be
The times i love to remember and the times i wish to forget
Memories of people i miss and of those i wish i had never met
Yesterday has gone and life goes on somehow
And the future ahead and we live in the now
May our last day be our hardest as some like to say
Of looking at life this is not a bad way
I am lucky in that i have never known of extreme poverty
So many who are doing it far tougher than me
So many do sleep without shelter at night
Compared to them i am doing all right
The days and weeks go by and life does go on
And the now is all that does matter since the past it has gone.

Memories Of Rooks

Rooks are a gregarious species of crow
Of their ways a little i did know
As a younger man before time became my foe
When i lived in Ireland many years ago

Keeping them from pulling the turnip seedlings as a boy
Was something that i never did enjoy
In the turnip field wire-worm did abound
And they pulled the young turnip plants to get a tasty meal in the soft ground

But to farmers rooks were quite good friends in many a way
Since they kept slugs harmful to crops and wire-worm at bay
And they made up for it in other ways for the damage to crops they done
And as crop pest controllers some respect they won

Known as cawing birds they did not have a song to sing
They built their nests of sticks on tall trees in the Spring
I often see a dozen or more nests on one tree
They always lived in flocks as one huge family

It has been twenty six years since rooks i did see
But memories of them will live and die with me
My job of scaring them from the turnip field as a young boy
Was something that i never did enjoy.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yellow Robins

The ticking songs of the yellow breasted robins can be heard in all Seasons of the year
It is a song that is quite unmistakeable and always very pleasant for to hear
Though not shy birds i do not see them often except when i go to the wood and that is not every day
They seem to feel little fear of a human standing nearby and they do not fly far when from you they fly away
Blue gray on wings and back and head and tail and yellow under they often do cling to the low trunk of a tree
Watching the ground for sign of slightest movement and when a crawling insect they do see
On silent wings they pounce on and devour it always on the lookout for tiny prey
That smaller life forms are food for one bigger since time's beginning has been Nature's way
The yellow robins never form large flocks in pairs or one sometime on it's own
They are not the favorite birds of ornithologists one might say of them that they are not widely known
But i like them for their independent nature in large flocks they are never to be seen
In the parks of the town as of yet i have not seen one they like the quiet place of trees where it is green
I like them for their ways the yellow robins unmistakeable in their ticking sort of song
They are not birds that hide away from humans and once seen and heard you cannot get them wrong.

It Is A Nice Enough Day

It is a nice enough day for mid Autumn with sunshine on the bushes and the trees
And pied currawong the dark crow sized birds are calling their voices carrying in the southerly breeze
That blow uphill across the wooded hillside for April it is such a pleasant day
Quite soon the welcome swallows will be flying north to Winter in the tropics from here far away
It is a nice day to be out in Nature to feel the warm sunshine on your face
Away from the town streets and the noisy traffic with Nature in a quiet rural place
The constant noise of traffic is not pleasant at times we all do need some peace of mind
In a quiet rural place the home of Nature peace for the soul is always there to find
In a place like this i could live and feel happy far from the noise where many people are
The songs or the chirps of birds are far more pleasant than the invasive noise of a passing truck or car
In a World where there are billions of people who with each other for success compete
For peace of mind one needs to be with Nature away from the loud traffic of the street
I'd much prefer the calls or songs of birds by the wooded hillside in the place of dappled trees of green and brown
Than be where human buildings are abundant in the noise polluted streets of the big town.

The Sort Of Person You Are

Life is what you make of it as some like to say
And so many so called losers for every so called winner in the Human World of today
But at the end of life's journey it will not matter anyway
The pauper and the billionaire in the same earth must lay
The Reaper of Lives does not differentiate
Between the lives of those known as losers and those known as great
As well as for all living creatures the great and the small
For each one of us there is a final Fall
Your monetary income or house or the size of your car
Says nothing to me of the person you are
As a person are you caring and compassionate and kind
The sort of person one in need of helping a friend in you would find
The sort of a person you are does say more about you
Than money or honorary titles can do.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From The Fields Of Claraghatlea

From the fields of Claraghatlea i live far away
And perhaps far from there my last remains will lay
Where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
And learning of her ways is a source of joy

The passing of time has left me walking slow
And in Claraghatlea nowadays few there i would know
When i left there twenty six Winters back harsh December did blow
And old Clara Mountain wore his hat of snow

Time can make us strangers as some like to say
And to many in Millstreet i would be a stranger today
Some i have known there have migrated and some have died
A stranger in my first Hometown and birth countryside

Twenty six years have passed since i left Erin's shore
And Clara Hill overlooking Claramore
And in twenty six years there is many a Spring
Since i last did hear the male robin sing

Far from the fields of Claraghatlea and Matty Owen's bog
Where as a boy i hunted with Pudsy the dog
The years have left me looking older and gray
And there to many i would be a stranger today.

Warrnambool To Geelong

At least two hours of travel by train in that i am not wrong
Between the coastal Cities of Warrnambool and Geelong
By paddocks in Autumn quite brown that in Spring are lush and green
Miles of fenced countryside for to be seen
Where cattle and sheep are plentiful and horses seem rare
In a countryside after weeks of warm weather looking dry, brown and bare
On what now does seem beyond human control
Global Warming on the countryside is taking it's toll
Poems are written and songs sung and stories are told
Of this Land in time that is so very old
It was even very old before the first people to it came
And they for it did have a different name
From Warrnambool to Geelong at least two hours by train
A journey i have traveled and will do so again.

As Long As You Have Good Health

As long as you have good health then life for you not so bad
Though you are searching for work and feeling a bit sad
And little for to smile about with little cash to spend
The one with heaps of money is never short of a friend
But you are young and single, fit and healthy and time is on your side
And maybe you should travel the World out there is wide
You seem quite young for worrying a young man of twenty three
A World out there to be explored for one of ties that bind free
You've spent most of your life in this town time to try your luck elsewhere
Lots of opportunities and jobs for young people like you in the big cities out there
Yet you are a home loving person and home you wish to stay
And you have no wish to travel to big cities far away
Though out of work at present in a small town where jobs are few
A job you are bound to get and a fresh start anew.