Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Con Keane

In his prime years Con Keane was handsome dark haired and tall
But news of his sudden death must have come as a surprise to all
Who knew of or did know him Con to many was well known
Since his friends in Duhallow in numbers had grown

This is so sad for his relatives and friends and his brothers Tim and Bob and his mother Kathleen
And sad to think in Millstreet Town he is never more to be seen
And from Coolikerane where he lived as a boy
Suppose he was one a long lived life who was not meant to enjoy

On our journey in life many an up and down
And another good person gone from Millstreet Town
Some die young and in mid life and some in time live a long span
And Con at most in his late forties or early fifties died as a young man

For all of us the journey in life has a last night and day
In the cemetery in Cullen Village his last remains lay
One can only hope his parting from life was a painless release
The good man Con Keane may he now rest in peace.

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