Saturday, May 17, 2014

For As Long As

For as long as a woman living on her own feels safer to lock her doors at night
And only feel safe for to walk in the town at daylight
The Nation though known to be a democracy
Of it's citizens freedom to live free of fear does not guarantee
There is not one Government leader in the World to his or her Nation's citizens can say
That you are quite safe to walk on the streets even by day
And though the praises of freedom the patriotic masses may sing
The freedom to live free of fear of others is a most important thing
In so called Democratic Countries innocent people are being attacked and murdered every day
Their most important basic human right their life taken from them in the foulest way
That self Government is not the most important form of freedom some fail to realize
Flag waving patriotism does never appeal to the wise
And for as long as women living on their own every night lock their doors due to fear
To what is true freedom we are not anywhere near.

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