Thursday, May 22, 2014

Frank Donnelly The Adventurer

Frank Donnelly a man who does live an adventurous life
Is now in Renmark in South Australia with his family and Sue his wife
Six hundred kilometers from Koroit Town
Where he became known and loved by many as a business man of renown

A man with a life of adventure of which to tell
In Renmark by all accounts he is doing well
As a Manager of Ruston's Rose Garden for a reputable company
To be successful in business is in his life's destiny

Frank Donnelly will tell you in business it pays to be nice
He is the sort to an Eskimo who could sell ice
The type who does make a new friend every day
About him he has such a likeable way

A sturdily built fellow perhaps in his sixties with a shaved head
Blessed with great people skills of him it can be said
The challenges life bring to him he embrace
And without him Koroit seems a much poorer place

Though time as it is to all will eventually become his foe
Success seems to follow him to wherever he go
Frank Donnelly now lives in Renmark near where old Murray flow
Where his new friends in numbers with each passing day does grow.

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