Monday, May 26, 2014


In life by those who set standards he may not have done well
But Fred of his life has some good stories to tell
When he scored the winning goal for the football club on a long gone Grand Final Day
He was the hero of the Town and for him many a loud hooray
Fred never was a father or he never had a wife
But he is one who did have many women in his life
In the local public bar he spend most of his weekly pay
Perhaps one of the reasons that any woman with him did not stay
For most women like financial security something that Fred to them could not give
Now in a basement flat in the east end of Town on his own he does live
Fred he turned eighty two on the fourth of May
Down at the pub with his younger drinking mates he celebrated his birthday
Though in his early eighties he enjoys the bar-room atmosphere
And he is always happy when he is drinking beer.

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