Sunday, May 4, 2014

Had I A Choice To Be Reborn

Had i a choice to be reborn i would like to be one like Pele of Brazil
A legendary World famed footballer of charisma and amazing football skill
With so many female admirers and thousands of fans chanting my name
A hero to football fans Worldwide in the World's greatest field game
Suppose we all need our daydreams of greatness to keep us from feeling depressed
But in life only a few achieve greatness and only one can be the best
But even for an aging one like me daydreams are a necessity it gives one a reason to live on
When all one has left are the memories of better times now in the long gone
For success in life with each other most human beings are born to compete
Most young people into athletics daydream of greatness as an athlete
And though only a few become famous every mother hopes for her daughter or son
That he or she one day will be known for what they did do as number one
I would like to be reborn as great as Pele the Worldwide footballer supreme
With millions of female admirers as a boost to my self esteem.

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