Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Will Keep Rhyming On

Some tell me i ought to give rhyming away
That in rhyme i have said all that i have to say
And that i must be addictive for to keep rhyming on
When my best days in life are in the forever gone
But since rhyming makes me happy quite happy indeed
To their sort of advice i never pay any heed
I feel happy when rhyming of this i will not lie
I live as a rhymer and as a rhymer i will die
Years ago i had hoped i would become a poet
As a person well worthy of literary note
But now i am happy to pen rhymes every day
And what i am happy doing why should i give away
And though some advise me on rhyming for to call it a day
I will keep rhyming on despite what some do say.

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