Friday, May 30, 2014

It Has Always Been This Way

With a false pretence of knowledge others i do not wish to impress
Of  the ways of life and Nature than most i know far less
Only know for to live a good life one has to give to receive
This is the philosophy on Karma and on such i do believe
Financially you may be a very wealthy person though in your ways quite small
If  you do not have have kind things to say of others why say anything at all
Those with a live and let live attitude does seem quite good to me
In our words we can become the mirror of our negativity
We never do stop learning it does seem this way
Life can be our greatest teacher as we live from day to day
We are born as part of Nature and to her we will return
Whether buried in a cemetery or in a crematorium to ashes our remains do burn
Life it is a book of knowledge we learn from every day
Until death we do not stop learning it has always been this way.

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