Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jack O The Wily One

His dinner had gone cold on his dinner plate
And though she did scold him for coming home late
He presented flowers he had bought on his way home from the pub to the love of his life
The good man drunk or sober is nice to his wife
He stopped off on his way home from work for a few beers at the pub
And a chat with his mates of the local football club
Aggressive men on coming home from the pub are known to beat their children and wives
It is a known fact that latent anger on alcohol thrives
But Jack o the wily one so full of guile
Home from the pub soothes Linda's anger with flowers a hug and a smile
Jack O has his feelings well under control
Though alcohol not anger of his marriage may eventually take it's toll
He does not beat his children or he does not beat his wife
But Jack O he does have his vices in life.

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