Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Johnny O Keefe

He died as a young man only forty three
Australia's greatest rock singer as most would agree
Life's Reaper came to him before he grew gray
He would be seventy eight were he living today

Johnny O Keefe in his lifetime scaled the heights of fame
And in death his lives on as a legendary name
He was blessed with the gifts of great talent and self belief
And his legend lives on though his life span was brief

One of the first Australians to become famous as an entertainer Worldwide
Australian rock fans today talk of him with a sense of pride
One who lived life in the fast lane and died rather young
Perhaps before his greatest song had been sung

Long after the breath of life from his body has gone
The songs he made famous today living on
Of Johnny O Keefe Australia's greatest rock singer it would be true to say
That he lived and died as a legend and remains so today.

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