Sunday, May 25, 2014


For it's links to Irish and Indigenous cultures Koroit in south west Victoria is widely known
As an old coastal Town with a charm of it's own
It's people does make it a welcoming place
On the streets of Koroit many a smiling face
A livable Town as most would agree
In the countryside around it so much beauty for to see
The nearest beach to it by road not far
Twelve minutes at most if traveling by car
Tower Hill with strong links to Indigenous history from Koroit less than two kilometers away
A nice Town for a daily visit or a longer stay
Quite accessible to sacred and beautiful places one of it's claims to renown
All of Koroitians feel proud of their historical Town
Koroit in the Moyne Shire of south west Victoria's countryside
An old Town of friendly and hospitable people that is known far and wide.

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