Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lady Luck Does Not Seem To Be With You

Lady luck does not seem to be with you as you battle the odds every day
As you struggle for to support your wife and three young children on what is a poor take home pay
When you asked your boss for a raise in wages he told you what you can do
When he said if you think you can live without me since i know i can live without you
Survival for you and your family on bare award wages has left you in a financial hole
But even working for very low take home pay is better than life on the dole
Every day you read the job section in the newspaper but jobs have never been so few
In a town of high unemployment such news one might say nothing new
To pay bills and upkeep your family you struggle for to make ends meet
In a town of so few work opportunities where so many for one job compete
Your hard work helped for to make him become a known billionaire
But with you and his other employees none of his huge annual profits he does share
The good lady of luck is not with you from you she seems so far away
You find it a struggle to support your wife and children on what is not good take home pay.

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