Sunday, May 4, 2014

Margaret Barrett

To her children Margaret was a good mother and to the late great Millstreet Gaelic Footballer Dick Barrett a good wife
In Millstreet Town she had seen many sunsets as she was a woman who was granted a long life
The Barretts they were well known Millstreet drapers and through their business Margaret was well known
Of the Town one of the senior citizens and of her it can be said she was one of Millstreet's Own
Even though she had a long life she will be missed by her family in a family none to take a mother's place
In her younger years she was a pretty woman and in Millstreet Town her's a known and loved face
The farewell bell that tolled for Margaret Barrett for all of us destined to toll one day
We live for awhile and death it is forever and time on our lives does ever tick away
One can only hope that she died without suffering every good person does deserve a good end
And Margaret Barrett she was a good person and in her lifetime did make many a friend
And this is all one can expect of any person to live good and help others if you can
And Margaret Barrett she was kind to others one who did a lot of good in her lifetime span
From where she lived with Dick Barrett and raised her children less than a twenty minute walk away
In Drishane a very old Millstreet cemetery her mortal remains are at rest today.

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