Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Old Johnny

I recall a song from my younger years 'it's a small world after all'
But old Johnny who has traveled widely will tell you the World is far from small
He has seen a lot of Australia driven on the coastal highway and across the outback
A man who has seen more than most have and in travel stories he does not lack

He has been to many Countries in Asia Old Johnny the well traveled man
Seen the sun rise above Lake Baikal in Siberia and climbed to the summit of Mt Fuji in Japan
Been to Africa, Europe and the Americas and worked on building sites in the U S of A
In every Country he was in to support his travels he worked in various jobs for his pay

Old Johnny did have many love affairs but he never did have a wife
And he does not think that he has children to carry on his seed in life
He is well into his eight decade and the years have left him looking his age and gray
And though he knows he is too old for travel the wander bug in him does stay

At the local pub on Saturday evening amongst his far younger friends of the town
He tells stories of his World travels in the days when his hair was light brown
When he was enjoying the traveling lifestyle long before time became his foe
He was in his prime in the late fifties and this is a long time ago.

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