Thursday, May 29, 2014

Olinda In May

The calendar Winter less than a week away
From high and wooded Olinda on the last days of May
The currawongs  singing on the tall mountain ash trees
Their familiar notes carrying in the freshening breeze
Crow sized dark birds named for the sound of their song when them one does hear
It is very likely that rain it is near
They can be heard all year round from Summer to Spring
And in wind that brings rain one often does hear them sing
An hour before the lamp of day does brighten the sky
The kookaburras at Olinda utter their loud laughing cry
On the tall trees at Olinda in the high wooded countryside
A place for it's rugged scenic beauty that is known far and wide
The freshening breeze of rain blow uphill from Kallista through Olinda on an evening in late May
Where the currawongs are singing in the gloaming of the day.

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