Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Joe Hockey's Twenty Fourteen Budget

Joe Hockey says his is a fair budget at least this is what he wishes us to believe
But Joe cannot fool the real battlers as real battlers are hard to deceive
The students and those on low incomes and young people receiving welfare
But in the Treasurer's self proclaimed good budget he did not tax any known billionaire
Neutral economists say the Australian economy is in good shape something the Australian Government does deny
And why they wish to financially punish poor people without reason to one must wonder why
Any very wealthy person is not taxed in his budget the budget he says that is fair
It does seem like Australia's Federal Treasurer is talking a lot of hot air
It is always the poor of society who suffer in every budget cutback
The Government's idea of what it is to be fair is to put the poor under attack
When Joe Hockey talks of his fair budget he has a smug smirk on his face
It is easy for to talk of what is fair but only the fairest what is fair can embrace
In the twenty fourteen Australian Federal Budget the poor made to suffer more financial pain
And what has happened in the recent budget in future budgets will happen again.

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