Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Tony Abbott's Broken Promise

Prime Minister Tony Abbott when Opposition Leader promised the Australian people to them he would never lie
And though that promise he has broken it will not haunt him till the day he does die
Since most politicians are known for to lie every day
And Tony the P M is not as honest as of himself he does say

His Treasurer Joe Hockey has introduced the debit tax
But Tony says this is a temporary thing the Australian voters can relax
Since the tax is only temporary long before the next Federal Election it will not be in place
As he denies he broke his promise with a smile on his face

The Australian Government blame Labor  for the supposed mess the economy is in
But if an election were held tomorrow Labor Government would win
On their first eight months in office in the polls not doing well
Their policies to the voters they have thus far failed to sell

The late Prime Minister of Britain Harold Wilson one with words who had a way
A day is a lot in politics he used to say
His words of wisdom to the Australian Government has to apply
Though that the Australian voters have turned against them they do wonder why?

With their post election promise of no new taxes the Government must live
And Tony Abbott is arrogant enough to believe that the Australian voters him and his Government will forgive
For breaking a promise he made to them only nine months ago
It does seem that his own words have become his foe.

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