Friday, May 30, 2014

Teresa Tangney

From Kerry to Millstreet Town on her journey in life
Where to the draper and Gaelic footballer John Joe Tangney she became the wife
And raised her sons and daughters the parents of today
The past and present linked to the future in life it is this way
In her community work and teaching she became loved and widely known
The seeds that grow to the fruits of friendship everyday by her were sown
One who done a lot of good things in her lifetime span
Teresa was a nice person and lived as a good woman
Many years have passed since Teresa came to live in Millstreet though it seem only like yesterday
Time does not wait on anyone it does tick and tick away
In life for everyone of us there is a last farewell
To us a reminder of our mortality on the tolling of the funeral bell
Her last remains are in Drishane near where she lived and was growing old
But her spirit is in Kerry with the famous green and gold.

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