Monday, May 26, 2014

The Members Of Parliament

The building where people elected to Parliament meet to legislate
The elected representatives of every constituency in every State
Referred to as the honorable members though most of them members of shame
People who are arrogant and conceited and insult honor's name

The most of them quite flawed in their human way
The people we elect to sit in Parliament on election day
If they are my political representatives as it seems to be
I must ponder the question what does this say of me?

Every day on the radio and in the newspapers and on the t v
We hear of and read of what they have to say and photographs of them we do see
Yet with most of them one lie leads to another lie is how they seem to live
They take and take from the Nation and in return little to it do give

The people by good example who are supposed to lead
But every day more scandals of them we do hear of and read
That what we receive from life is only our due
In the most of the politicians we elect to Parliament happens to be true.

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