Saturday, May 3, 2014

Those Who Dismiss Me

Those who dismiss me as unsuccessful this is their business
And what is their business is no business of mine
But as long as they do not slander me everyone of me is entitled to their opinions
And since they are entitled to their opinions this does suit me fine

I would rather be seen as unsuccessful and try to live as a good person
Than being seen as successful at someone else expense
For why would i wish to be successful if it makes others materially poorer
Does what i am saying to you make sense

The horrible stories of greed and corruption that we do read of
And hear in the media every day
Shows the darker side of humanity but good to know
That most people are not corruptible in any way

Those who dismiss me as unsuccessful entitled to their point of view
But what they say of me is quite okay as long as they say what is true
For i too have been blessed with human feelings
And only ask of anyone the respect to me that is due.

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