Monday, May 5, 2014

Though It Has Taken Me Far South

Though it has taken me far south of Millstreet Town
My journey in life has not taken me to renown
And though i have never witnessed a miracle at Tubrid's Holy Well
Of my adventures i do have some stories to tell
Of people and places i have been to and seen
And landscapes some flat and some hilly of brown and of green
And of animals and birds i do see every day
South of green Duhallow in miles far away
It was the lust of the wander that brought me far south
Of the home of the badger and the shy brown trout
But time and distance seem to disappear when i visualize
And i hear the birds sing in a leafy grove at sunrise
And though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
Never a shortage of things for me to rhyme about.

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